Second week as part of the staff

Hai~!  So, liek, im staf naow n stuf.  ‘S hrd, but im dong ok, i gess.

[insert enthralling story here about my life]

So, seriously, the staff does a lot of work, much of which are things that you don’t realize go on at all.  And, well, don’t insult any of them, because it’s not going to get you far, which you should know if you’ve read any of psyren’s blog posts…

I’m a bit OCD about certain things, so please, *please* remember to add keywords to your torrents and tag your OSTs.  If you don’t, then I’ll hunt you down and… do some unnamed horrible thing to you.  Yeah.

I don’t think I really have anything to say, but Chiya keeps bugging me, so here I am.  Oh, and y’all should idle in #boxtorrents; we always need more people to troll.

Waiting for loli bribes,

Xiong Chiamiov (xiong_chiamiov, xchiamiov, etc.)

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