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Staff Tree, v2

Some time ago, an outside contractor produced her vision of the staff family tree.  Due to the changes that have happened since then, we thought we’d give you an updated look into the relationships that shape BakaBT. A little hard … Continue reading

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I am smrt coz I google

We weren’t originally planing to blog about this guy, but he really kept pushing it – well I guess we just went ahead with it. Protip: don’t tell us your plans to (attempt to) cheat: I made this account because … Continue reading

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bxt_description_generator 0.3 – now with a graphical interface!

Wooo~ Now all you you don’t revel in the command-line can use the new and improved bxt_description_generator! Yay! Continue reading

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Boxtorrents Description Generator (for OSTs)

So, this last week or so I’ve been working on a Python script to dynamically generate descriptions for large OST sets.  With Chiya continually pestering me, it’s finally gotten to something half-releasable, so I thought I’d share it with y’all. … Continue reading

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Second week as part of the staff

Hai~!  So, liek, im staf naow n stuf.  ‘S hrd, but im dong ok, i gess. [insert enthralling story here about my life] So, seriously, the staff does a lot of work, much of which are things that you don’t … Continue reading

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