Fail of the Week II

Woo. First post. So Chiya came and pestered me about posting, and just when I was thinking of what to put, this guy joins #box-support. My blog post came right to me.

You’ll see our log of it in a bit, but first a small synopsis, because the log is f*cking long. As Arveene said:

Dumb user avoid bans comes into support channel to request donations through EU only payment site only to get his account noticed for ban evasion and stat hacking.

Of course, we do have a no lurking rule in #box-support, so don’t you come lurking. Lurk in #boxtorrents instead. Below is the log of our new fail.

[20:03:09] * [removed] (~[removed]@[censored]) has joined #box-support
[20:05:47] <[removed]> To one of the admins or staff members i just would want to know
if you could make paysafecrad as one thing to pay with cause not everyone has paypal
just want to know if it would, work.
[20:06:14] <@Southrop> I believe you will have to email or PM Box for that
[20:06:19] <%MTR> Why not get Paypal?
[20:06:47] <[removed]> cause i dont trust it
[20:06:57] <[removed]> but paysafe would be easy wouldnt it
[20:07:04] <[removed]> cause its very fast and reliable
[20:07:27] <@kureshii> have to see if Box is willing to get a paysafe account then
[20:07:36] <@kureshii> that's not for us mods/admins to decide
[20:07:55] <[removed]> but you could ask Box couldnt you?
[20:08:08] <%MTR> I doubt he will.
[20:08:17] <%MTR> We use Paypal because it is widely used/accepted
[20:08:28] <@kureshii> we could, but it wouldn't sound convincing coming from us
[20:08:30] <%MTR> There's nothing not to trust about it.
[20:09:31] <[removed]> why does it sound strange if you say you accept paysafecard
[20:09:48] <@kureshii> it's best you convince Box yourself, since we don't use
paysafe, we don't know anything about it, and we're not very good at arguing for
things we dont' use and don't know very much about
[20:10:28] <[removed]> ok i try but where and when is Box on? just if you know
[20:10:49] <@kureshii> he's not here often, about once every few days...
[20:11:00] <@kureshii> I guess you could try PMing him on the site
[20:11:09] <[removed]> ok thaks i will
[20:11:44] <[removed]> thanks*

We had our little discussion in another channel, which involved laughing and jokes and a few “I wonder when he will realize he’s been banned”s. And after a while…

[20:22:50] <[removed]> Staff i just want to know why i am now suspended
[20:22:55] <[removed]> with this account
[20:23:52] <@Southrop> First, I'd like to thank you for coming in
[20:23:57] <@Southrop> You brought your account to our attention
[20:24:08] <[removed]> how?
[20:24:19] <@Southrop> Well, by coming in, really
[20:24:30] <@Southrop> We took a look at your stats
[20:24:50] <[removed]> and?
[20:25:03] <@Southrop> And aside from the fact that you have 4 other accounts
[20:25:15] <@Arveene> (one of which you stat hacked on already)
[20:25:24] <@Southrop> You have managed to seed 4 gigs on a Lucky Star torrent
[20:25:30] <@Southrop> While leeching it
[20:25:42] <@Southrop> And when there are only 6 leechers, one of which is you
[20:25:51] <@Southrop> and you did it in one day
[20:26:21] <%MTR> Kind of unrealistic...
[20:26:30] <[removed]> i know that it was not good
[20:26:42] <[removed]> and it is ok if i am banned
[20:26:43] <[removed]> but
[20:26:45] <@Southrop> And you did it anyway?
[20:27:00] <%MTR> (8:27am) <[removed]> and it is ok if i am banned <---Thanks for
understanding <3
[20:27:07] <[removed]> but
[20:27:18] <[removed]> i want to know if box makes the paysafe thing
[20:27:37] <%MTR> It's not going to happen -_-
[20:27:45] <@kureshii> I doubt so
[20:27:46] <[removed]> i just send him a pm
[20:27:47] <%MTR> And even if it did, donating doesnt mean you get to break the rules
[20:27:51] <[removed]> and so i wait
[20:27:56] <@kureshii> because paysafe onyl works for Europe
[20:27:58] <[removed]> i know
[20:28:21] <[removed]> but the ratio thing was strange for me 2
[20:28:27] <[removed]> cause i used utorrent
[20:28:32] <[removed]> and i just had 20 kb
[20:28:33] <@kureshii> and having to manage a few accounts for different geographical
networks is just too much trouble
[20:28:40] <@kureshii> which is why we're using paypal
[20:28:40] <[removed]> but it was more on the homepage
[20:29:03] <[removed]> cant he make so
[20:29:09] <[removed]> paysafe to paypal acc
[20:29:12] <[removed]> and to himself
[20:29:21] <@kureshii> why would he want to?
[20:29:36] <%MTR> You should really drop the Paysafe thing -_-
[20:29:37] <@kureshii> it's more trouble for minimal gain
[20:29:39] <@Arveene> Why do that when PayPal works in almost all places.
[20:29:42] <%MTR> It's seriously not happening >_>
[20:29:53] <@kureshii> well, i'm not a paysafe user so i dont' know what it's potential
benefits are, I'll leave you to convince Box :)
[20:30:07] <@Arveene> Also, you should take MTRs advice and drop the Paysafe things.
You have a bit more of a pressing issue here.
[20:30:07] <[removed]> ok thx
[20:30:39] <[removed]> but the acc thing
[20:30:42] <[removed]> u said i have 4
[20:30:48] <[removed]> but i just made this one
[20:30:55] <[removed]> u just said 1 person per lifetime
[20:30:58] <[removed]> and not ip
[20:31:11] <[removed]> i just logged on by my some of my friends
[20:31:16] <[removed]> and they were suspended
[20:31:19] <%MTR> uhhh
[20:31:32] <@kureshii> ask them to coem to #box-support
[20:31:35] <@kureshii> together with you
[20:31:46] <@kureshii> on separate IRC nicks
[20:31:55] <@kureshii> and we'll take a look at it
[20:32:12] <[removed]> ok i try if they would
[20:32:19] <@kureshii> which accounts are those, btw. your friends' accounts
[20:32:30] <@kureshii> what usernames did they use?
[20:32:34] <[removed]> the lloyd27
[20:32:37] <[removed]> and 277
[20:32:38] <@Arveene> If Lloyd27, Lloyd2777, Lloyd27777, and Natsukawa27, your friends,
would like to have their accounts renabled they'll need to log on support themselves
and sort this out.
[20:33:15] <[removed]> but i think some of their ratios is to high so it wont work either
[20:33:39] <[removed]> one had more than 550 g of dl and so upload or just some g
[20:34:03] <[removed]> 50 g
[20:34:05] <[removed]> i meant
[20:34:06] <@kureshii> yeah
[20:34:20] <%MTR> What does the ratio have to do with your friends coming here to claim
their accounts?
[20:34:30] <[removed]> ok i get my acc
[20:34:31] <[removed]> but then
[20:34:35] <[removed]> i dont have
[20:34:40] <[removed]> and up
[20:34:42] <[removed]> and get baned
[20:34:46] <[removed]> so u would think
[20:34:49] <[removed]> wouldnt u
[20:35:07] <%MTR> Seed with the account you have
[20:35:12] <@kureshii> we would think what?
[20:35:26] <[removed]> i mean
[20:35:33] <[removed]> lets say u have 100 g dl
[20:35:38] <[removed]> and 2 g ul
[20:35:45] <@kureshii> mmhmm
[20:35:52] <%MTR> Than you have 98GB to seed
[20:35:53] <%MTR> so get to it
[20:36:13] <[removed]> i mean after a while ur acc get banned cause
[20:36:23] <@Southrop> No, you don't get banned, you get warned
[20:36:24] <[removed]> u dont changeur ratio much
[20:36:44] <@kureshii> ? warnings
[20:36:45] <&Navi> warnings:
[20:36:49] <@kureshii> read that yet?
[20:36:53] <[removed]> yeah
[20:36:59] <[removed]> u just cant dl anything
[20:37:03] <%MTR> Right
[20:37:06] <@kureshii> your account gets warned, not banned, and while warned you can seed
but you can't download
[20:37:15] <@kureshii> so you were saying?
[20:37:21] <@Southrop> And it will stay warned until you get your ratio up
[20:37:29] <[removed]> i think
[20:37:34] <[removed]> they wouldnt use their time
[20:37:38] <[removed]> so ul
[20:37:45] <[removed]> so much for ratio
[20:37:57] <[removed]> they are just people who dl
[20:37:59] <[removed]> and change ip
[20:38:02] <[removed]> and so on
[20:38:07] <@kureshii> mmhmm
[20:38:09] <@kureshii> and?
[20:38:18] <%MTR> change in IP doesnt matter for warnings
[20:38:29] <[removed]> i mean they make new accs and so
[20:38:37] <%MTR> That's against the rules.
[20:38:45] <[removed]> because that
[20:38:58] <[removed]> as long as their ip is changed
[20:39:10] <[removed]> and dont log in to their other accs they wont be found
[20:39:18] <[removed]> thats to simple
[20:39:22] <@kureshii> mmhmm
[20:39:49] <@kureshii> so what're you trying to say?
[20:40:10] <[removed]> they wouldnt try to get their accs back if they can make much more
[20:40:22] <[removed]> and
[20:40:31] <[removed]> the thing where i sai u get banned
[20:40:36] <[removed]> i got confused
[20:40:41] <[removed]> cause on other alts
[20:40:48] <[removed]> ur acc gets banned
[20:40:54] <[removed]> and u cant use it anymore
[20:41:04] <[removed]> upload nor download
[20:41:19] <@kureshii> yes, that's right, if banned you can't use the account for either
uploading or downloading
[20:41:40] <[removed]> on other alts that happened fast
[20:41:56] <[removed]> even if u uploaded even with low speed
[20:42:45] <[removed]> and to my upload thing
[20:42:45] <@kureshii> mmhmm?
[20:42:59] <[removed]> i used a modded version of utorrent
[20:43:09] <[removed]> but i didnt believe it
[20:43:14] <[removed]> cause nothing changed
[20:43:31] <[removed]> but after a while my upload got very high
[20:44:07] <@kureshii> mmhmm
[20:44:11] <@kureshii> and then what happened?
[20:44:35] <[removed]> my upload just rised faster and faster
[20:44:48] <[removed]> even though the dl speed still was higher
[20:45:15] <@kureshii> ah, interesting
[20:45:22] <@kureshii> so what did you do then?
[20:45:46] <[removed]> after what?
[20:46:57] <@kureshii> so your upload kept rising faster and faster, and then?
[20:47:36] <[removed]> then i thhought it would look dangerous but i ddint really do
anything against the rules
[20:48:00] <@kureshii> ah, so that's what you were thinking
[20:48:05] <[removed]> i just made nothing really just opened the prog and used it
like everytime
[20:48:14] <[removed]> then i just came today
[20:48:26] <[removed]> how u mean
[20:48:43] <[removed]> i didnt use a prog for my ratio
[20:48:50] <[removed]> just a utorrent version
[20:49:01] <[removed]> where i couldnt go into the internet
[20:49:09] <[removed]> but after i closed it worked again
[20:49:20] <@kureshii> oh
[20:49:51] <@kureshii> so you thought using a hacked version of uTorrent to modify
your upload statistics is ok
[20:49:58] <@kureshii> but using another ratio program is not?
[20:50:27] <[removed]> i didnt look if it were hacked or not
[20:50:38] <@kureshii> which website did you download it from?
[20:50:39] <[removed]> but i got a virus after while
[20:50:45] <[removed]> and deleted the prog
[20:51:09] <[removed]> got it from a friend
[20:51:13] <[removed]> who used it much
[20:51:19] <[removed]> and still uses it trough msn
[20:51:20] <@Arveene> Was that friend named Lloyd?
[20:51:32] <[removed]> it was natsu
[20:52:02] <@kureshii> I see
[20:52:17] <[removed]> but one didnt use it i think
[20:52:27] <[removed]> i forgot who had that high dl thing
[20:52:51] <[removed]> he could have used it but didnt but i dont know
[20:53:13] <@kureshii> ah
[20:53:39] <@kureshii> well, that certainly is a nifty little application
[20:54:43] <[removed]> can really be
[20:54:50] <[removed]> but i dont have it anymore
[20:55:02] <[removed]> ause i dont want my system to be destroyed
[20:55:03] <@kureshii> yeah, that's a good thing
[20:55:11] <@kureshii> uTorrent is available from the official website
[20:55:17] <@kureshii> you should download from there, to be safe
[20:55:30] <@kureshii> and scan all downloaded files for viruses, no matter where
they come from
[20:56:00] <[removed]> the worst is my avast got damaged 2 times
[20:56:11] <[removed]> so i couldnt use it anymore
[20:56:59] <@kureshii> yeah, that's pretty nasty
[20:57:15] <@kureshii> did natsu pass it to anyone else?
[20:57:21] <[removed]> so i dot trust it even if there stand oficial version
[20:57:38] <[removed]> but it said this software is freeware and so on
[20:57:47] <@kureshii> the official version is as clean as it can get xD
[20:58:22] <@kureshii> it is one of the main torrent clients in use on boxtorrents,
and no one's had a virus issue with it as far as I know
[20:58:27] <[removed]> i use the old and good 1.6.1 and 1.7.7 version
[20:59:01] <[removed]> even though i wanted to open the main version the normal
[20:59:08] <[removed]> the modded version poped out
[20:59:41] <@kureshii> such an evil little app
[21:00:24] <[removed]> therefore i will use no modded version or whatsover
[21:00:31] <[removed]> ever*
[21:00:52] <@kureshii> yeah, probably best to do that
[21:01:47] <[removed]> and what will happen with my acc now? just that i know
[21:02:20] <@kureshii> it will stay disabled
[21:03:09] <[removed]> but pm still works
[21:03:11] <[removed]> doesent it
[21:03:42] <@kureshii> i doubt it, disabled accounts can't be logged into
[21:04:20] <[removed]> damn but ok
[21:04:27] <[removed]> cant be really changed
[21:05:02] <@kureshii> yeah
[21:05:10] <@kureshii> so... is there anything else we can help you with?
[21:05:47] <[removed]> i think not without an acc i cat really have problems can I?
[21:06:45] <[removed]> but thanks for the help
[21:08:40] <@kureshii> you're welcome
[21:10:38] <[removed]> one thing you should try to make a anti cheat system
[21:10:48] <[removed]> it would really help
[21:11:05] <@kureshii> yeah, we'll keep that in mind
[21:11:22] <[removed]> good
[21:11:30] <[removed]> ok then see ya
[21:11:38] * [removed] (~[removed]@[censored]) Quit (Quit: daIRC Web Chat
[21:17:49] * [removed] (~[removed]@[censored]) has joined #box-support
[21:19:37] <[removed]> kureshi i just wanted to say that paysafecard isnt just
for europe cause u can pay with it in america 2
[21:19:54] <[removed]> cause u or someone else said it just works in europe
[21:20:44] <@kureshii>
[21:20:51] <@kureshii> that's not what they say on their frontpage
[21:21:34] <[removed]> u can pay for things in america
[21:21:47] <@kureshii> if you're from america, which country do you pick in that list?
[21:22:21] <[removed]> so u mean that
[21:23:10] <[removed]> then thats something other
[21:23:21] <[removed]> then ur right
[21:23:22] <@kureshii> yeah taht's what i mean
[21:23:57] <[removed]> ok then then i will look more into it
[21:24:09] <[removed]> so till next time
[21:24:17] <@kureshii> cya
[21:24:24] * [removed] (~[removed]@[censored]) Quit (Quit: daIRC Web Chat
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