Special treat for Australians

We all know that Australians and people who suffered from chronic neck disorder were having their shinning day on April 1st 2014. That was ruined when April 2nd came and all went back to how it was.
But don’t worry, brunoais came here to rescue you!
You may now download a userscript that works on the most popular browsers that guarantees you the same experience you were able to feel on April 1st! No lies, fully interest free.
Just click here for a limited choice of a lifetime!

disclaimer: people with double chronic neck disorder not included

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It’s time for another staff treat for the members!

Disclaimer: Everything I mention here about authors, writers, etc… Are result of my view from my experience. It may or may not represent the reality. I didn’t make much research on this on purpose so that I wouldn’t get influenced by other points of view. Please don’t make a fuss about it even though I thank you if you kindly mention it in the comments below. Enjoy the post :).

Freeleech is on! Have fun!

Freeleech ending! more info below!

For a while now I was interested in making my very own staff pick and now I was given a chance and I… Hey? Why not!?!? Continue reading

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Want to make a difference?

Good afternoon everyone, Chiya signing on.
It’s a strange experience for me here as I’m actually writing this post almost a week in advance of it being posted. After having spoken to Duki we decided to leave this post pending a while so that it wasn’t thought of an April Fools joke.

You know the drill, read on.
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Clocks and time flying by.

Good evening everyone, Chiyachan signing in. [Late as always but it’s not my fault!]
So then, Bioshock Infinite is now out and those lucky people who pre-ordered got a bunch of free games to go along with it. Along with DOTA-2, my spare time is non-existent.
I’m also working on a plan to move abroad on a permanent basis so I’ve got to stress around and try not to cripple myself with worries!

Let’s read on!
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Amazing once in a life-time opportunity hosted by BakaBT

Back in August 2012 a member of the BakaBT community called Buchno managed to reach an amazing 10TB uploaded.
As with all 10TB+ uploaded people the staff of BakaBT wanted to congratulate him on his amazing work at seeding the community and using their own money, gave him an amazing prize. In this instance, he won a trip to Japan!
It was an all inclusive two week holiday, travelling first class all the time. Hell, we even gave him spending money so that he could enjoy himself fully.
The only conditions we gave were:
1) Have fun.
2) We want -some- change. Some of us are poor you know! 🙁
3) Continue seeding and being active around the BBT community.
4) Take pictures for us to share on the blog!

After the jump are the pictures. Enjoy! Remember to message me upon uploading 10TB too and you may just win a prize too!

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Hush now! >_>

Alright, so my commitment I made last month failed epically. I can explain!
I’m moving country in the next few months as a permanent thing. As I need more money than I currently have and due to have I’ve been ignoring most of my responsibilities and playing DOTA 2 instead.

Anyway, the last set of free-leech torrents are back to normal and I’m soon going to pick another set.

Datora on the forum asked for a few things from me so I will -attempt- to please him as he seems to be one of the few readers here left. 🙁

Reason as to why these following torrents were chosen:
RANDOM BUTTON! HELL YEAH! That’s the best thing I ever contributed to BakaBT. Fo sho’.

As I’m a screw up and can’t keep to commitments, I’ll also double the amount of torrents being free-leech-ed.

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Regular random freeleech!

A long time ago I decided to have an update every-so-often in which I suggested things to download.
Several years on I have become much lazier and have decided on some torrents to set as freeleech by usage of the “Random” button. [Which was an AMAZING idea and props to whomever suggested it… Thanks Chiya!]

So, the freeleech items for the moment are..

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BakaBT Meet 2013!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Alright, who am I kidding, just guys here as there are no ladies on the internet! How ya’ll doing?

BBT Meet 2012 was absolutely awesome as we got up to some great stuff. Hell, we went to laser quest! (Sure, it was absolutely shit and Der_Richter was like an invincible Terminator) but still, we were all friends and it went super duper.

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Welcome to 2013!

It feels just like two weeks ago that I was last here. But actually checking the log shows me as totally wrong. Oops.
So much to report and tell you all about!
I can’t remember too many highlights from 2012 but let’s see where to start…..
I’ve managed to hold on to my position at BakaBT without being demoted for quite a while now!
We’ve lost staff and gained staff.
We’ve lost friends and family, but gained new ones!
BakaBT is still growing on a daily basis and we’re still a rare sight with no unseeded torrents.
BBTMeet 2012 was AWESOME and 2013 will be even better… Although harder to organise as it’s unlikely to be in the UK if I’m hosting…. [You’ll have to wait to find out more about this…]

Chiya has made a New Years resolution to be here at least once a week with a new interesting thing to say or do throughout the entire year. So keep tuned as I plan to achieve all my resolutions this year!
What’s everyone else doing for theirs? What would people like to see more of? [Tell me which category on the side you want pumped up with more content]

Lots of love and see you shortly.


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So you have a suggestion for BBT

The Best Idea in the World. The Idea So Good No One Could Possibly Resist Implementing It. We come across such ideas every so often; the very mention of them must naturally, automatically result in perfect, working solutions without any undue effort. Sometimes, once in awhile, that happens. But more often than not, surprising resistance encounters our efforts to Make the World A Better Place. Disappointed, we write people off as myopic, narrow-minded fools who simply are unable to see our Visionary Ideals. And the world moves on, another idea trampled into the dust before it even has the chance to grow. Maybe you really liked that idea. Maybe you got a second or third or fourth chance to try the idea again, Higurashi-style, and this time you really want it to work. How do you get there? How do you give your idea the best chance it has at succeeding? Continue reading

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