Fail of the Week

We all know how irritating it is trying to communicate with people on forums who don’t type in anything recognisable by speakers of the English language.

There are people who are pleasant to deal with (or at least it’s pleasant to read their posts, even if you may not like what they’ve posted)…

… and then there’s people like this guy:

i was in the army once.sumtimes wish id stayd in.happy times,well mostly anyway.i wud recomend it to any young person for a career.wages arnt too bad now+u get to do alot of crazy shit u wudnt normally do in civvy st.
oh and goin around shootin shit up is always a bonus in a job

my only advice to you if u do join up is definitely get a trade out of it,ie doctor ,nurse ,tech etc.something that will stand u up if u get out early.thats the mistake i made,i cud of done pretty much anyfin but chose to b an infantry soldier,well i was 16 after all (young,dumb,and all that)

dont worry about it.people like that r evry whr.alot of em in the army.alot of abuse goes on u just gota keep ur head down and get on with it.

Even with a bit of prompting to not use ’14 year old girl on phone txt tlk-ese’ when posting on a forum, he doesn’t get the message and tells me:

get fukd,dont read it thn fukn child

Now, what I find most amusing about this is that this guy claims to be in his 30s with a few kids. I feel quite sorry for them having such a worthless moron for a father.

For the record, I’m 19, and I can bet my bottom dollar that I’m far less childish than him.

Following his forum ban, I decided to check his tracker profile just to see if his failure extended beyond use of the English language.

It did.

Insulting staff on a forum is an express ticket to ‘Get fucked and never come back’ on the forum side of things, but having a 0.2 ratio at the time of your ticket being issued means a ‘Fuck off and die’ holiday package will most likely be included.

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