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Avid follower of anime, manga, doramas, videogames (nonjapanese - sue me), and drawing. 21 years old and in my last year of undergraduate study in Accounting. Born and raised in the USA, and Taiwanese male by ethnicity. I love to kick back and enjoy solitude with my laptop or guitar.

The H-Bomb: Hentai

To every other non-Japanese fan of anime, more often than not he or she gets ridiculed for watching “silly cartoons”, and this is normal. If you have not, I salute your awesomeness. For every other non-fan of anime, he or … Continue reading

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What’s So Good About Anime?

You might think that this is a funny or, at best, a silly question, but I want to thoroughly explore it because this entire community is dedicated anything and everything anime related. It’s important that we, as anime watchers, understand why we … Continue reading

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