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It’s time for another staff treat for the members!

Disclaimer: Everything I mention here about authors, writers, etc… Are result of my view from my experience. It may or may not represent the reality. I didn’t make much research on this on purpose so that I wouldn’t get influenced … Continue reading

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Mod work.

So as we all know, I’m one of the lazier staff members around. -points to blog- Amazingly though I do do some work, today alone I’ve had the following and thought I’d share….

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A thought about Easter

Well, with the German Easter holidays approaching, I started to wonder why there never was an Easter special in the animes I saw (at least I don’t remember). There is a focus on every little day that I barely heard … Continue reading

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A Zombie Story: Pushing Through the Madness

Here is the second story. For those who have not read the first one, I suggest you do so. I hope you enjoy reading this, as I have had writing it. ^_^ Continue reading

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Zombie Story

I haven’t yet figured out a name for this series of stories, so this will have to do. This is my first attempt at writing a zombie apocalypse story, so if it seems cheesy, bear with me, I’m still perfecting … Continue reading

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Staff Tree, v2

Some time ago, an outside contractor produced her vision of the staff family tree.  Due to the changes that have happened since then, we thought we’d give you an updated look into the relationships that shape BakaBT. A little hard … Continue reading

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Forum Gaming

First of all, I’d like to apologise for not having posted in such a long time… Again. >_> Second of all, there’s been so much happening recently! So, let’s start off with something of interest to me. Hidden away on … Continue reading

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Little fun from #support

[18:33] <newy> !fix [18:33] <newy> !fixing [18:33] <Duki> Fixing your ratio: [18:46] <newy> I’m being discriminated against by za mods!

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BakaBT Wallpaper pack

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Please excuse the use of language used by the author of this original piece – I’ve translated it and tried to keep it intact as much as possible.

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