Technotise: Edit & I

Technotise: Edit & I is the first Serbian animated feature film, premiere of which is planned for September, 2009. Written and directed by Aleksa Gajić, it is a sequel to his Technotise graphic novel.

In technical terms, the film is a combination of four kinds of animations. The movie features realistic drawing with static scenes, with emphasized atmosphere and with authentic artistic expression. It combines classic 2D, improved 3D and vector animation, but the role model for the film were Japanese anime.

The story revolves around Edit, an average middle class girl who lives and studies in Belgrade 2074. After failing the same university exam for the sixth time, she decides to visit a dealer on the black market who installs a stolen military chip in her to help her pass. To her surprise, the chip affords her abilities greater than she ever imagined.

And, needless to say, the government/military is intent on getting the chip back.

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6 Responses to Technotise: Edit & I

  1. Duki says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to see the film yet, but by a few trailers I saw this definitely looks like it’s worth a watch…

    I’ll be on the lookout for the DVDs when they are in sale here.
    So in any case I think you can expect it added to BakaBT when DVDs are released. Hopefully not too long from now and without much rejection from rest of the staff…

  2. Jarudin says:

    I can’t help but shake the feeling that it looks like a glorified flash movie ._.

    Reminds me a bit of A Scanner Darkly.


  3. Duki says:

    It might be, I haven’t seen it yet – so I can’t really confirm it being good or bad…

    Those who did see it said they liked it – so honestly can’t tell is as good or just meh.
    I’ll leave my impressions once I do.

  4. enginarc says:

    I can’t comment on the quality of art but concept and scenery attracts attention and is nice imo. Let’s wait for it.

    by the way, such an awesome high kick 🙂

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  6. Duki says:

    As promised, it can be found here.

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