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Colouring Competition!

Click picture. Nuf said. (Requested by Phaedris)

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So while I was browsing the forums, I came across this person: SomeoneElse Nothing spectacular, but I noticed the, “DO NOT STEAL” like sign attached to the sig. Of course, that got me thinking… What would be amusing? I present … Continue reading

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psyren’s compositions (please have tissues and a bucket handy)

This year, I’ve been doing a composition unit as an elective. These are some of the things I’ve written. The tissues are to absorb the blood which will undoubtedly spurt from your ears, and the bucket is in case you … Continue reading

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Management Updates! #3

[21:13] * Jarudin is now known as Jarudin-chan After a long and tedious war, the chan army have slayed the world and converted Jarudin to our own. YES! We have won! Our armies are victorious! With so few casualties too. … Continue reading

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Management Updates #2

As per last time, Jaruchan managed to get back in time to stop us from taking control and force renaming everyone. We, the Chanaholics have banded together and are attempting a second coup. We’ll have more information on this as … Continue reading

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Management Issues

As you’ve noticed, there’s been quite a bit of downtime today. We’re truly sorry about this but we’ll have the site back up and running shortly. The truth of the matter is that the staff (namely myself) have had a … Continue reading

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