Some fun from staff lair

With the recent hardware failure we lost some our database among which were a few blogs… So to make up for the lost – time for some staff leak.

Here’s a small collection of snippets from some of our discussions lead in our super sekrit lair~

[14:50] <&Duki> Is it my fault that most ignored when I asked for your opinion?
[14:51] <@MTR> Of course not, Duki.
[14:51] <@MTR> !blame
[14:51] <+BBT> Newy did it!

[14:52] <@MTR> It’s newy’s fault πŸ˜€
[14:53] <&Duki> And of course BBT knows best
[14:53] <+BBT> Damn right I do…
[14:53] <@MTR> XD
[14:53] <@IX> πŸ˜€

βœ„————————————————[cut here]————————————————-

[15:09] <%newy> Guess you need to change Enzie’s title in the forum πŸ˜€ but that will not change the fact that I can’t understand Enzie 😑
[15:11] <@Enzie> Lol. Newy and his incomprehension of the Australian language. :3
[15:11] <%newy> What he said? πŸ˜€
[15:11] <&Duki> He called you a bitch…
[15:12] <%newy> D:
[15:12] <@Enzie> ^_^

βœ„————————————————[cut here]————————————————-

[19:21] <&Duki> [19:20] <@IX> Enzie, Doki’s is better than Commie’s, but UTW’s is still marginally better. – All that established on a single panty shot
[19:21] <&Duki> gotta love BBT~
[19:22] <@IX> haha
[19:22] <@Enzie> ^_^
[19:22] <@Enzie> We know our pantsu.
[19:22] <%newy> Dat’s srs bizniz!
[19:23] <@kureshii> don’t remind me of the comparison i did on isshoni training 😑
[19:23] <&Duki> lol :3

βœ„————————————————[cut here]————————————————-

[23:43] <@Kiririn> I’m going to edit the announcement
[23:45] <~Jarudin> haha XD
[23:46] <@Kiririn> Jarudin: WTB canned responses system for BakaBT ;_;
[00:01] <&Duki> WTB – Welsh Tourist Board?
[00:01] <&Duki> those bastards!
[00:02] <@Kiririn> xD

βœ„————————————————[cut here]————————————————-

[12:17] <&Duki3003> ROFL
[12:18] <@kureshii> that’s what you get for using avatars of new animu :3
[12:18] <&Duki3003> Especially cute ones~
[12:18] <@Kiririn> and two more PMs from an idiot that got warned
[12:18] <@Kiririn> (no subject)
[12:18] <@Kiririn> on October 29th 2010 (15 hours ago)
[12:18] <@Kiririn> :’-(
[12:18] <@Kiririn> how do i download anime agen i will sher so plz let my download :’-( :’-(
[12:18] <@Kiririn> …..
[12:18] <@Kiririn> on October 29th 2010 (12 hours ago)
[12:18] <@Kiririn> :’-( i didnt know that i mast shar torents from now i will sher but pls let mi download agen
[12:19] <@kureshii> lal
[12:19] <@Kiririn> I responded with “No.”
[12:19] * &Duki3003 suggests you make an ugly one~
[12:19] <@Kiririn> (β˜žοΎŸβˆ€οΎŸ)☞ οΌ― οΌ΅ Duki3003
[12:20] <&Duki3003> I never heard anyone contacting Force with “OMG your evil eye is so cute, where is it from? <3”
[12:27] <&Force> oO
[12:28] * &Force bites Duki3003
[12:28] * &Duki3003 gives Force a cookie
[12:28] <&Duki3003> HIDOI~
[12:28] * &Duki3003 takes back the cookie
[12:28] * &Force needs a new avatar but as i cant photoshop im out of resources ;p
[12:28] <&Force> noes

βœ„————————————————[cut here]————————————————-

[02:00] <@Enzie> Do /m/ subs captialize those names?
[02:01] <%newy> Hm?
[02:01] <%newy> Do you mean the faulty caps?
[02:02] <@Enzie> Yeah.
[02:02] <%newy> It’s the You that is wrong
[02:02] <@Enzie> Oh. overcapping.
[02:02] <@Enzie> Right.
[02:02] <%newy> Maybe coffee first? πŸ˜€
[02:02] <@Enzie> Can’t. Bloodtest first. Was about to run out door.
[02:03] <%newy> You’re positive
[02:03] <@Enzie> D:
[02:03] <@Enzie> Be back in a half hour or so.
[02:03] <&Duki> Holy shit D:
[02:04] <&Duki> How the hell is newy speaking with Enzie?
[02:04] <%newy> Inorite
[02:04] <%newy> I’m awesome!
[02:04] <&Duki> Or Enzy learned English
[02:04] <&Duki> So he’s awesome
[02:04] <&Duki> not you….
[02:05] <%newy> Definitely not!
[02:05] <%newy> D:
[02:44] <@Enzie> Back.
[02:44] <@Enzie> And :3 Google translate.

βœ„————————————————[cut here]————————————————-

[00:54] <@xiong_chiamiov> so as of two minutes ago, the quote buttons have the right parameter added to them; do you think what you just suggested is a better idea (like, I should revert what I did and do that instead)?
[00:54] <~Jarudin> yea, because it makes more sense
[00:55] <~Jarudin> the parameter is a bit strange, no?
[00:55] <@xiong_chiamiov> yeah
[01:05] <@xiong_chiamiov> …but I think I’m going to watch some lesbianirrific anime instead
[01:06] <@Kiririn> lol

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