Fail of the week

Recently we had a user who get into a heated discussion and apparently didn’t value anyone’s opinion other than his own, very true to his username actually. Discussion there gets a little heated which causes the user to lose his temper. Unfortunately beside the warnings given by from other users, asking him to cool down a bit, he finds that the best option is to start insulting and cursing other members…

From this point, staff gets involved – 5 day forum ban was to be expected, hopefully to get him to cool down a bit and realise the error of his ways. This however, does not help the situation as the user is now harassing other members through private messages on the tracker… That happens to be the last straw, and the user is now fully banned from BakaBT.

The story would have ended there, however, the ban triggers our system to disable a second account, one of a user who was participating in the argument as well… Plot thickens…

[20:33] –> nettiemalv ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[20:33] <nettiemalv> !help
[20:33] <%BBT> Error: Usage ‘!help command’ – Available commands are: (commands|rules|wiki|faq|warnings|login|delete|pruned|reseeding|fixing|account|fft)
[20:36] <nettiemalv> yesterday my forum account got banned but it fixed a while later, now today it says that my whole account has been suspended with this message “Your account has been suspended.
[20:36] <nettiemalv> Go the IRC-channel #bakabt-support @ irc:// to put forward a case to get unsuspended.
[20:36] <nettiemalv> Under no circumstance should you try to evade this ban at the risk of permanent suspension.”
[20:40] <@blubart> do you know bigotbi?
[20:41] <nettiemalv> yes
[20:41] <@blubart> as a real person i mean
[20:42] <nettiemalv> yes why
[20:43] <@blubart> because you got flagged as a multiaccount of him – or vice versa
[20:44] <nettiemalv> oh we use the same internet
[20:44] <@blubart> is he a roommate or something? from where are you using the net?
[20:46] <nettiemalv> yes but we are 2 different people user accounts
[20:46] <nettiemalv> it must be because we have the same ip
[20:50] <nettiemalv> so you guys think im him “bigotbi”?
[20:57] <&Duki> let’s just say odds don’t work in your favour…
[20:57] <&Duki> same date of creation for both accounts, same ip etc.
[20:58] <&Duki> on top of all you “both” pushed a certain topic on the forums
[20:58] <&Duki> and the fact bigotbi got banned is also not favouring your case
[20:58] <nettiemalv> how was it the same date ive been on bakabt for a month or so now
[20:59] <nettiemalv> and ppl are can have the same belief in something just check out the other people who were on the post

[spoiler]Deflecting the main issue and focusing on irrelevant, both accounts were created at the same time.[/spoiler]
[21:00] <+Chiyachan> Duki…
[21:00] <+Chiyachan> I think in this instance.
[21:00] <+Chiyachan> If he wants to be unbanned.
[21:00] <+Chiyachan> We need a picture of nettiemalv peeing in bigots mouth… >_>
[21:00] <nettiemalv> is that called for??
[21:00] <+Chiyachan> Yes.
[21:00] <+Chiyachan> No offence intended, but he’s a jerk.
[spoiler]A somewhat harsher troll from Chiyachan, but we let it slide considering who’s the offended party. :-|[/spoiler]
[21:01] <nettiemalv> now where are the great staff and admins
[spoiler]Uhm… Hello??[/spoiler]
[21:01] <+Chiyachan> An extremely rude and unpleasant person.
[21:01] <nettiemalv> no thats ones opinion
[21:01] <+Chiyachan> Saying, “FUCK YOU” to everyone isn’t rude?
[21:01] <+Chiyachan> Or unpleasant? =\
[21:01] <nettiemalv> if you guys made him mad thats not my problem stop trying to push that crap on me
[21:02] <nettiemalv> im sure you cried about now u can get over it
[21:02] <nettiemalv> and trust me if I were him you would probably have a load of f bombs by now
[21:03] <+ChalamiuS> You know, fighting with Chiya won’t help the slightest.
[21:03] <+Chiyachan> I would quite like him to start insulting me. =\ I felt left out last night when he was insulting everyone and missed me out.
[21:03] <nettiemalv> im not fighting you expect me to sit here and let you talk to me a certain way
[21:04] <nettiemalv> no going to happen
[21:04] <+ChalamiuS> Chiyachan, you think he’s mistaking me for you here?
[21:04] <+ChalamiuS> Considering the format of his reply it would seem so at least.
[21:04] <+Chiyachan> Possibly. When people get hot headed, they don’t read too clearly. =\
[21:04] <nettiemalv> its not fair that i have to go through this when i worked hard to follow rules
[21:04] <+ChalamiuS> And… in any case I’m going to make it harder.
[21:04] * ChalamiuS is now known as Chalachan
[21:05] <nettiemalv> whatever, just by whats happing here explains the problems on the forums ONE FORUM ORDER
[21:06] <+Chalachan> Oh, really?
[21:06] <nettiemalv> I think your doing all this on purpose
[21:07] <+Chiyachan> Doing what on purpose?
[21:07] <+Chalachan> You do realize that neither me nor Chiya has anything to do with moderation of the forums, right?
[21:07] <nettiemalv> so who ever is the head of all this can you please tell me if the mistaken identity problem can be solved
[21:08] <nettiemalv> you shouldnt have said anything then
[21:08] <+Chiyachan> Oh aye. It -can- be solved. It gets dealt with a lot in here.
[21:08] <nettiemalv> why are you even talking
[21:08] <+Chalachan> Because I like making people talk till they slip and blow their cover :3
[21:08] * Chalachan is now known as ChalamiuS
[21:08] <nettiemalv> lol
[21:08] <+ChalamiuS> And if they don’t… well then
[21:08] <nettiemalv> lol
[21:08] <nettiemalv> blow cover
[21:08] <+Chiyachan> nettiemalv – Believe it or not, because we know how the site works and we’re able to help people who come here so the higher ups just need to read a summary and take action.
[21:09] <nettiemalv> like i said before, if I was bigotbi would i even still speak to you like this
[21:09] <+Chiyachan> As it stands, your “friend” was an abolute dick on the forum last night and was rude to many people and got banned.
[21:10] <+Chiyachan> NOTHING was done to initate it either.
[21:10] <nettiemalv> well he was talking to the and maybe they made some bad decisions on what they were saying to him like i said thats between you guys and him
[21:11] <+Chiyachan> Well, you sharing internets with him have got you involved too. -shrug- What’s your relation to him?
[21:11] <+Chiyachan> Friend? Boyfriend? Brother? Father?
[21:11] <nettiemalv> he can be high strong but thats why i took a calmer side to the post
[21:12] <nettiemalv> it doesn’t matter what my relation is to him, i would say the same thing if he was a stranger on the other side of the world, if we agree ed on something
[spoiler]A somewhat simple question, deflected again…[/spoiler]
[21:13] <+Chiyachan> In the case of getting YOU unbanned.
[21:13] <+Chiyachan> It DOES matter.
[21:13] <+Chiyachan> Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.
[21:13] <+Chiyachan> But fine. -shrug- do as you want.
[21:13] <nettiemalv> i shouldnt have to disclose that info
[21:14] <nettiemalv> this is a torrent anime site
[21:14] <nettiemalv> like this whole situation is unfair
[21:14] <+Chiyachan> Alright, how about not logging in for 11 months on either of your accounts, waiting til they’re purged and then re-joining.
[21:14] <+Chiyachan> That’s easier for the staff. -shrug-
[21:15] <nettiemalv> im getting the 3rd degree for nothing
[spoiler]Who the hell is flaming you, you were asked a simple question, which was left unanswered and given a very viable alternative[/spoiler]
[21:15] <+Chiyachan> I asked a few questions and you launched yourself at me. =\
[21:15] <nettiemalv> the admin can just look at both accounts and forum post and see we are 2 different people
[21:16] <nettiemalv> ok
[21:16] <nettiemalv> ok launched
[21:16] <&Duki> We did and came to a conclusion you might not be…
[21:17] <&Duki> Unless you can prove to us that is not the case, I really can’t do anything to help you
[spoiler]Hello, I’m an admin, nice to meet you[/spoiler]
[21:17] <nettiemalv> you were insulting someone i know and you want me to sit here and take it
[21:17] <+ChalamiuS> No, you’re free to leave at any moment.
[21:17] <+Chiyachan> I can say the same though nettiemalv. Your “friend” was insulting and being EXTREMELY rude to my friends, actually swearing at them.
[21:17] <+Chiyachan> And -I- have to take it?
[21:18] <%newy> <- Maybe you _should_ read this and ask who insulted whom…
[21:18] <+Chiyachan> Double standards ftl.
[21:18] <nettiemalv> I dont even like chatting on forums i just gave it a try to try to meet people but i can see that was a mistake
[21:18] <&Duki> And for some reason you’re in here asking to be unbanned…
[21:18] <nettiemalv> no i said that you insulted me by talking about bigotbi
[spoiler]Ok, I lol’d[/spoiler]
[21:19] <+Chiyachan> You’re associated to him somehow.
[21:19] <nettiemalv> for my downloading i worked hard on my ratio
[21:20] <%newy> then thank him for his attitude and the consequences
[21:20] <nettiemalv> and now this i dont need the forum area
[21:20] <+Chiyachan> # Multi-accounting is not allowed. Users suspected of multi-accounting will have their accounts suspended or warned.
[21:21] <+Chiyachan> # We have a one-account-per-user-per-lifetime rule. Attempts to create more than one account will result in account suspensions. Only the oldest account belonging to you will be left enabled.
[21:21] <+Chiyachan> # You are advised not to log on to your BakaBT account at the computer of another BakaBT user. Doing so will likely result in the system identifying you as a multi-account user.
[21:21] <nettiemalv> i wont do that
[21:21] <+Chiyachan> And that also counts as same IP, not just computer.
[21:21] <nettiemalv> he might have been cursing and stuff but the bases of his post was not wrong
[spoiler]He sure wasn’t banned for having a different opinion, and what’s a casual FUCK YOU every now and then…[/spoiler]
[21:22] <+Chiyachan> # NO flaming, no sexist/racist/religious/discriminatory comments.
[21:22] <+Chiyachan> # NO group/staff/site bashing or insulting.
[21:22] <+Chiyachan> # RESPECT other members.
[21:22] <nettiemalv> 2 different computers and i have already read that stuff
[21:22] <+Chiyachan> Oh and also.
[21:22] <+Chiyachan> Like all groups that do not like wasting time on internet ethics, we reserve the right to make final decisions without further explanation. We enforce fairness based on our own judgement.
[21:22] <+Chiyachan> If you just received your first ban for pushing things a little too far and would like to be unbanned, the best way to do so is to drop by #bakabt-support, politely explain your point of view in a few lines and put in a request to be unbanned. If you choose to push the issue, insist on an explanation, demand a re-analysis of the situation, or tell us how to do our moderating etc, expect a full ban
[21:22] * Chiyachan shrugs.
[21:23] <nettiemalv> please stop giving me the run down i know forum rules
[21:23] <+Chiyachan> If you say so.
[21:23] * Chiyachan goes back to EVE.
[21:23] <+Chiyachan> Duki – If I’m given permission to you know what, summon me.
[21:24] <&Duki> Sure, go play EVE
[21:24] <nettiemalv> did I start out saying mean things to anyone here ….no
[21:25] <&Duki> nettiemalv users with + are not staff here
[21:25] <&Duki> however % @ and & are
[spoiler]Ok, maybe if I explain I’m actually staff/admin who can unban her, I’ll get something useful.[/spoiler]
[21:25] <nettiemalv> ok… long is this going to last? Can you please tell me if im banned or not ?
[21:26] <&Duki> Did I not make myself clear?
[21:26] <&Duki> Unless you can prove to us that you are 2 separate users, I really can’t do anything to help you
[21:26] <nettiemalv> i dont know what else to do or tell you
[21:27] <+Chiyachan> Pix are normally good.
[spoiler]Which is actually true, some suspected multi-accounters were cleared of all suspicion after providing specific picture prof.[/spoiler]
[21:27] <nettiemalv> im not going to beg when im wrongfully accused
[spoiler]We’re not asking you to beg and gravel, we simply need any kind of prof and a bit of cooperation.[/spoiler]
[21:27] <+Chiyachan> which is what I first suggested. =\
[21:27] <&Duki> For starters what is your relationship with bigotbi?
[21:28] <+Chiyachan> rofl!
[21:28] <&Duki> blubart and Chiyachan asked you the same
[21:28] <&Duki> and both cases you deflected
[21:29] <nettiemalv> really all you need to know is that we share an internet line and 2 different computers
[21:29] <&Duki> Only thing I can establish separating you from bigotbi is the fact that you’re literate…
[spoiler]Reading his posts requires more effort than it’s worth, despite the fact we urge all of our users to type their words, use spellcheck and warn against txt tlk.[/spoiler]
[21:29] <nettiemalv> what real difference does it make to know our relationship
[21:30] <nettiemalv> hes literate to and you forgot to say im not cursing either
[21:31] <&Duki> And why do you think it’s irrelevant when establishing that you’re not simply multi-accounting…
[21:31] <&Duki> We have enough evidence that you are
[21:31] <&Duki> give me some that you’re not
[21:31] <nettiemalv> why do you coutinue insulting him, can i ask you to stop that please
[spoiler]Other than the fact that I said she’s literate I didn’t make a single insult or troll at their expense other than try to be helpful, despite the fact that I had better things to do…[/spoiler]
[21:32] <&Duki> You know what, I give up…
[21:32] <nettiemalv> ok
[21:32] <&Duki> Quite frankly I couldn’t care less
[21:32] <nettiemalv> whatever
[21:32] <&Duki> You can both stay banned
[21:32] * Duki sets ban on *!*purple_je@*
[21:32] <– Duki has kicked nettiemalv from #bakabt-support (No lurking!)
[21:33] * Duki removes ban on *!*purple_je@*
[21:33] <+ChalamiuS> Skillfully dodging the questions and marking completely relevant pieces of information as irrelevant… Well, I haven’t seen that before.
[21:33] –> nettiemalv ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[spoiler]And he/she’s back…
I’m also afk at this point.[/spoiler]
[21:33] <+Chiyachan> I fucking love this channel tbh.
[21:33] <+Chiyachan> Welcome back nettiemalv!
[21:34] * Chiyachan hugs tightly and kisses both cheeks.
[21:34] <+Chiyachan> How are you my sweetypie pumpkin.
[21:34] <+Chiyachan> You want to co-operate fully so we can get you unbanned hunnykins? :)
[21:35] <+Chiyachan> We need to establish your connection with the person we recently banned. How are you related to him please darling? Let’s get this ikle pwroblem sorted tickety-boo.
[21:36] <nettiemalv> its ok because it seems like you want me to agree and say things that i dont feel comfortable saying.
[21:36] <nettiemalv> its just unfair
[21:37] <+Chiyachan> You’re uncomfortable saying he’s your brother, is that it?
[21:38] <nettiemalv> lol good try im talking about the way you talk about him we can solve this problem with out the insults
[21:38] <+Chiyachan> Duki – This is a lost case. He’s never going to say his relation to Bigot so we can’t confirm if he is or isn’t Bigot. =\
[21:38] <nettiemalv> im a girl lol
[21:38] <nettiemalv> its on my profile
[21:38] <nettiemalv> are you guys not checking it
[21:39] <+Chiyachan> Personally, I don’t care. =\
[21:39] <+Chiyachan> I’m trying to HELP you.
[21:39] * ChalamiuS sighs
[21:39] <+ChalamiuS> nettiemalv, without disclosing any information that could be of use to differ you from bigoti it’s rather hard for the staff to help you.
[21:39] <+ChalamiuS> Really.
[21:39] <nettiemalv> well if you dont care how am i
[21:39] <+Chiyachan> And you’re just ignoring what I need to help you.
[21:39] <nettiemalv> you the one thats asking the questions
[21:41] <nettiemalv> if i say hes my father, brother, boyfriend or roomate how is that going to change things i could be lying about that
[21:41] <+Chiyachan> nettiemalv – is it really hard to say that you are either his sister, mother, roommate, fiancé or homosexual lover?
[21:41] <+Chiyachan> It helps establish a connection between you and me/and or/staff.
[21:42] <+Chiyachan> So that we can understand more and feel that you’re actually TRYING to co-operate.
[21:42] <nettiemalv> you think if i wasn’t trying to cooperate i’d still be here
[21:42] <+Chiyachan> You do realise that most people banned for your problem generally quite happily say, “Oh, it’s my friend from school or whatever.” and supply a timestamped picture of them holding a sign with their relevant usernames.
[21:43] <+Chiyachan> But you’re refusing to give ANY info we need to help.
[21:44] <+Chiyachan> Know what? Fuck it. I give up too. I’ve tried direct. Tried nice and explanation. You want to keep protecting that wanker, fine. Not my problem. If you decide you -do- want to be unbanned, come back when willing to actually help fix this problem.
[21:44] <+Chiyachan> Otherwise, enjoy the 11 months of being a public user until your account is pruned.
[21:44] <nettiemalv> im not going to give you a pic and why isnt telling you that there might have been a mistake since we are on the same internet could have been the problem good enough
[21:44] <&dubkatz> nettiemalv, you could just use the public tracker and not login
[21:45] <+ChalamiuS> Whooo, there’s no reason to have an account!
[21:46] <+ChalamiuS> Well, except for that waiting time
[21:46] <&dubkatz> unless you want epeen~
[21:47] <nettiemalv> just forget it im not going to sell myself for a torrent site, this is wrong and it will catch up with everyone who is seeing this playing with power is whats going on and one mind order on this crap,
[21:47] <nettiemalv> fuck yo and all who agree
[21:48] <– nettiemalv ([email protected]) has left #bakabt-support
[21:48] <+Chiyachan> Baiiiiii bigot. <3
[21:48] <&Duki> I thought she didn’t curse…
[21:48] <+Chiyachan> Now in the interest of trolling, how about unbanning for a few days.
[21:48] <+Chiyachan> Then banning again…?
[21:49] <+Chiyachan> Could say, “We saw your point of view and apologise”.
[21:49] <&Duki> You’ll never see him again even if unbanned
[21:49] <@blubart> nettiemalv, the point is this: every solid evidence we have suggests that you are the same person. normally we would advice you in this case to share an account to avoid confusion (it’s in the wiki too) – the problem here is that bigotbis behaivour got him banned. …. great, now she left :(
[21:49] <&dubkatz> person is gone
[21:49] <&Duki> he left blubart
[21:49] <&Duki> lol
[21:49] <&dubkatz> (lol)
[21:49] <+Chiyachan> Poor blubartchan. Too slow for the partyvan again.
[21:50] * blubart whines
[21:50] * dubkatz is now known as CheshireCat
[21:50] <+Chiyachan> Well, that was fun.
[21:50] * Duki rubs CheshireCat
[21:50] * Chiyachan offers around butterbeer and strippers.
[21:51] <&CheshireCat> D:
[21:51] <&CheshireCat> iyaaa dame~
[21:51] <+ChalamiuS> Being repeatedly told that evidence is needed to help
[21:51] * CheshireCat disappears~
[21:51] <+ChalamiuS> and refusing to give it
[21:51] * Chiyachan watches CheshireCat get bigger. ;3
[21:51] <+ChalamiuS> and still expecting help?
[21:51] <+ChalamiuS> Heh..
[21:51] * newy licks ChalamiuS’ soft spot
[21:51] <+ChalamiuS> >‿‿<
[22:15] –> bigotbi ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support

[spoiler]Speak of the devil… But heck I’m afk again[/spoiler]
[22:15] <bigotbi> yo
[22:15] –> nettiemalv ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[22:15] <bigotbi> so whos the so say admin ?
[22:15] * Chiyachan grins.
[22:16] <+Chiyachan> Gimme a sec to grab some popcorn, alright?
[22:16] <bigotbi> theres no admin here
[22:16] <bigotbi> no you should grab some nuts
[22:16] <+ChalamiuS> I can see 3
[22:16] <nettiemalv> see playing the games again
[22:16] <bigotbi> you cracker ass twink
[22:16] <raylu> Duki: i think if you want to reverse the decision on the bot, you may want to reconvene with otheres in the secret hideout. but for now, can we have the bot back?
[22:16] <bigotbi> so the admin is a bot
[22:16] <bigotbi> i thought so
[22:17] <+ChalamiuS> raylu, this would be the… thing. :3
[22:17] <bigotbi> fuck baka bt lol
[22:17] <+Chiyachan> bigotbi – do you really think that insulting me will help get you or your sister unbanned?
[22:17] <bigotbi> cause its the end of the world
[22:17] <raylu> ChalamiuS: i guessed that.
[22:17] <+ChalamiuS> >Joining just to bash
[22:17] <+ChalamiuS> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
[22:17] <bigotbi> o no’s i got ban by “stupid bit torrent ”
[22:17] <+Chiyachan> Or if you’re only here to be rude, you’ll last even less time than you did on the forums.
[22:17] <nettiemalv> no you should see that we are 2 different people
[22:17] <bigotbi> you fucking ace
[22:17] <bigotbi> and wheres the fucking admin ?
[spoiler]I can tell you guys have the same IQ, must run in the family[/spoiler]
[22:18] <&CheshireCat> (lol)
[22:18] <+ChalamiuS> bigotbi, UP THE FUCKING LIST
[22:18] <bigotbi> fuck all you noob ass followers
[22:18] * Chiyachan files a request that he doesn’t get banned.
[22:18] <+ChalamiuS> Is that comprehensible to you?
[22:18] <bigotbi> ya damn right up the list
[22:18] <&CheshireCat> u know… it pretty gay when u use 2 irc session on the same comp, and try to act like 2 diff people
[22:18] <+Chiyachan> bigotbi you fucking fuckwit jerk. If you’re any more impolite I’ll use your IP to track you down and fucking fuck fuck stab you in the fucking eye with my fucking cock.
[22:18] <bigotbi> look see nothing but followers no real men in this bitch
[22:18] <nettiemalv> this is so ridicules
[22:19] <bigotbi> all yall just under 18
[22:19] <&CheshireCat> i agree
[22:19] <bigotbi> nerd ass white outs
[22:19] <nettiemalv> why would someone want to do that
[22:19] <&CheshireCat> ridiculous, cause us chatting to urself~
[22:19] <+Chiyachan> Swearing doesn’t make you look big or clever jackass so shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down and wash out your potty mouth.
[22:19] <nettiemalv> plus if i was 2 people i wouldve did it since earlier
[22:19] <bigotbi> that troll on the internet BECAUSE YOU GET BULLYED AT SCHOOL
[22:19] <+Chiyachan> What would that whore of a mother say about your language bitch?
[22:19] <&CheshireCat> D:
[22:19] <bigotbi> LOL
[22:19] <nettiemalv> lol
[22:19] <&CheshireCat> oh noes
[22:19] <&CheshireCat> i am sorry for bullying you at school :<
[22:19] <bigotbi> FAKE ASS AZN
[22:20] <+ChalamiuS> A normal day in #bakabt-support continues.
[22:20] <+Chiyachan> I’m British and proud of it.
[22:20] <bigotbi> BE A MAN BITCH “CHIYACHAN”
[22:20] <bigotbi> YOU BITCH ASS
[22:20] <bigotbi> NO DICK HO
[22:20] <nettiemalv> i knew it
[22:20] <+Chiyachan> I’m not a donkey. :(
[22:20] <&CheshireCat> u dun have epeen?
[22:20] <&CheshireCat> :<
[22:20] <+Chiyachan> I only has 2 legs.
[22:20] <bigotbi> DOG YOU STUPID MAN
[22:20] * CheshireCat gives nettiemalv a strapon for use with bigotbi~
[22:20] <&CheshireCat> whats football?
[22:20] <+Chiyachan> Football is a homosexual mans sport.
[22:21] <nettiemalv> soccer footy
[22:21] <nettiemalv> manchester united
[22:21] <+Chiyachan> I mean, it’s 20+ sweaty men running around for a ball.
[22:21] <nettiemalv> have some respect for the game
[22:21] <+Chiyachan> :O I’ve worked it out!
[22:21] <+Chiyachan> bigotbi is a furry.
[22:21] <+Chiyachan> And got bullied for it.
[22:21] <+Chiyachan> And tries to take it out on everyone else.
[22:21] <+Chiyachan> But because his penis is less than an inch.
[22:21] <+Chiyachan> He can’t rape.
[22:21] <+Chiyachan> And cos he’s weedy, he can’t hit people.
[22:22] <+Chiyachan> So he tries to take it out on internet people!
[22:22] <+Chiyachan> It all adds together. :D
[22:22] <nettiemalv> i think that this was your intention all along you wanted to just insult him
[22:22] <+Chiyachan> I am EXTREMELY gay tonight… Lots of people I don’t like got banned recently. ;3
[22:22] <nettiemalv> and make me have to read it
[22:22] <&CheshireCat> whats man united?
[22:22] <bigotbi> IF THATS WHAT MAKE YA HAPPY
[22:23] <bigotbi> THEN YOUR A NERD
[22:23] <&CheshireCat> is that like bigotbi + nettiemalv ??? bigotbi + nettiemalv = Man united?
[22:23] <nettiemalv> a footy club
[22:23] <nettiemalv> in manchester
[22:23] <&CheshireCat> but i don’t like footy~
[22:23] <bigotbi> YEAH YEAH ME TO
[22:23] * CheshireCat sets mode +m #bakabt-support
[22:23] <&CheshireCat> :3
[22:23] <+ChalamiuS> bigotbi, what you don’t realize is the fact that most people in here have a life
[22:24] <+ChalamiuS> Some of them even have girlfriends.
[22:24] <+ChalamiuS> Others are busy in school and whatnot.
[22:24] <+ChalamiuS> :3
[22:24] <&CheshireCat> okay, now u can defend urself
[22:24] * CheshireCat sets mode -m #bakabt-support
[22:24] <bigotbi> KKKK
[22:24] <bigotbi> PUSSY ASS COWARD
[22:24] <bigotbi> LOL
[22:24] <&CheshireCat> who nettiemalv?
[22:24] <bigotbi> ENGLAND TWAT
[22:24] <nettiemalv> what?
[22:24] <&CheshireCat> stop playign with his ass bigotbi!
[22:24] <bigotbi> IM NOT TELLING YOU
[22:24] <+Chiyachan> man city and man united.
[22:24] <+Chiyachan> Football clubs.
[22:25] <bigotbi> fAil
[22:25] <nettiemalv> yea
[22:25] <+Chiyachan> Or homo night clubs?
[22:25] <nettiemalv> so
[22:25] <&CheshireCat> fail*
[22:25] <nettiemalv> maybe city
[22:25] * Duki sets mode +m #bakabt-support
[22:25] <&CheshireCat> btw
[22:25] <&CheshireCat> do nettiemalv and bigotbi have any question?
[22:25] <&CheshireCat> if not i will kick
[22:25] * CheshireCat sets mode -m #bakabt-support
[22:25] <&CheshireCat> no question?
[22:25] <+Chiyachan> I have a question for them CheshireCat and Duki.
[22:25] <&CheshireCat> i take one
[22:25] <bigotbi> GAY
[22:26] <&CheshireCat> u take other~
[22:26] <+Chiyachan> Who takes the cock up the arse in their relationship.
[22:26] <+Chiyachan> I’d quite like to know pls?
[22:26] <&Duki> Ok, I’ve had enough of this
[22:26] * Duki sets ban on *!*purple_je@*
[22:26] <– Duki has kicked nettiemalv from #bakabt-support (Get lost!)
[22:26] * Duki sets ban on *!*duckoff@*
[22:26] <– Duki has kicked bigotbi from #bakabt-support (Get lost!)
[22:26] <&CheshireCat> :3

At first I was afraid, I was petrified,
kept thinking I could never live
without BakaBT by my side.
But then I spent so many nights alone,
thinking how the site did me wrong.
And I grew strong! I learned how to be anon.
So now you’re back, from outta space,
I just walked in here to find an account back
but I got kicked out with a mad look on my face!

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