April 1st 2011.

As most of you are well aware, on the 1st of April 2011 BakaBT decided to pilot a new initiative to ensure the safety and comfort of the users of the site whilst browsing.


BakaBT accessed by a non-whitelisted browser

The initiative was originally lead by The Chan Legion to try to atone for their sins in being evil gits, wanting to help out and finally achieve something worthwhile for the general masses.
This backfired.

Forewarning, there IS some strong language after the jump.

The plan was to have every BBT community member to switch over to the amazing, highly endorsed browser of Chrome. (No, we didn’t get free Google stuff for this.) We really wanted this to work as we know of many major bugs on all other browsers. Harmful viruses and trojans which can come from the internet though those suspicious browsers.

Yes yes, I know that you thought this -was- an April Fools jest at your expense but I assure you it’s not. This was in discussion since mid last year. Originally brought to the table by non other than the staff “stick in the mud” Blubart. You all know he has NO sense of humour. It was inspired by Jarudin as we believe him to be in a relationship with a Google HP person.
Each staff member submitted a careful analysis of the pros and cons of this event taking place and we eventually decided that we should go ahead with it.

I’m personally still not too sure on what caused this project to go astray as it would have been beneficial to all. Was it the date it was released, or the idea itself?

However here are some of the more memorable feedback our initiative transpired:

Whitelist FF 3.6, please…
(I keep getting the “The last posting from your IP was less than 30 seconds ago” message… )

Woah woah woah, protect users by using chrome? You mean, GOOGLE chrome? Hmm, from what i remember google loves to store people’s personal information in their servers… Well anyways, i would like to ask that opera be whitelisted.

this must be the most retarded shit i have ever read in my life.
forcing people to use a different browser?
YOU NEVER STOP ME FROM USING FIREFOX, google chrome? safe? you must be joking lol.

i still dont trust chrome its the next skynet

Now I have to uninstall this shit from my pc. If I got a virus I blame YOU mods!! -_-


Good thing it’s a joke or I wouldn’t be able to download here anymore. Companies that try to force me to use a particular software or service don’t work well with me.

They are pushing their preference of using Chrome only.

Fuck you guys!

To the admins of this site, you cannot detect the browser other than the UserAgent and these can be faked easily.

stupid joke.

WTF WTF this is bullshit sorry guys i love this site but when a person, company or site try to impose such rules it is time to go looking for a better site!

If it proves not to be an April Fools joke, I will simply drop my account like liquid lead. Chrome is a piece of garbage, and so full of security holes it makes Microcraps Exploder look safe.

That’s obviously bullshit. But speaking with Jaru the other day, he did mention a merger with dattebayo a viable option.


EDIT: HEHE! I’m using firefox and I’m viewing the home page!!!

Nooo , what to do i use FireFox , Chrome i hate that browser.

Shouldn’t it be up to me to decide whether i want to protect my data or not?! You’re doing something quite unnecessary in my opinion.Advising users to use certain browsers is ok but enforcing their usage is not.

THAT IS WHY I AM GOING TO GO OUT AND modify Opera to get around that block right now.

Take your faggot antics over to 4chan and stay there.

Wow, yet another completely ridiculous and unnecessary move on BBT’s part.

Fuck chrome, am off to a real tracker like AniRena…so long suckers!

I think you’re being unreasonable.. Your’re blacklisting the two most popular browsers at the present date.

The dumbest thing BakaBT has ever done.

This seems awesome and stupid at the same time.

Anything by google is pretty crap, they destroyed youtube aswell.

-1 chrome.

Don’t force someone to something they don’t want.

Mmmmhmmmm… and I hear you are also switching the only Whitelisted download client to Kazaa Media Desktop in the near future too, as it is the most secure around.[*]

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13 Responses to April 1st 2011.

  1. Duki says:

    As you all may know this has been one of the most successful April fools troll BBT Staff has yet pulled. It has been in the works for over a year now (was supposed to be presented last year, however time restraints have not allowed us to do so).

    To all folks leaving us with priceless feedback – You are the ones who made this all worth while, and for that we thank you.

    Biggest kudos go to blubart for making the mockup page, Force for sorting out the technicalities, Southrop and Enzedder for helping me come up with a believable, serious tone announcement and in fact the whole devious BBT team for coming up with the idea (better late then never).

  2. kamizushi says:

    Dear imposter pretending to be Duki, don’t go say anything crazy,. This was 100% serious. And as chiyachan was saying. The system is still in place. It’s just that the admins of Bakabt have whitelisted every browsers in the world. They have even hired a forecaster so that they could whitelist future browsers too.

    (In all seriousness this year’s April fool was rather entertaining. A lot of sites participated. You guys gave me a good laugh. I say it was a success.)

  3. dankles says:

    chrome is gayer than a bag of dicks. True story.

  4. Xtras says:

    I’m actually curious. In which case would the site have gotten the fewest complaints? Lets say it was restricted to Firefox, or Opera. Would there have been even more rage?

    In other words, which browser has the most gullible user base?

  5. Southrop says:

    Future April Fools Trolls: IRC Client whitelist, RSS Feed Reader whitelist

  6. cloudenvy says:

    It did have go going for about 30 seconds as i just blankly stared at my screen (I had no idea what month it was).

    But seeing some people that where really REALLY!!!!!! upset over it, makes me wonder how many noobs droped there accounts over this.

    (Time to get back to watching “Index”)

  7. surdumil says:

    English dubs only restriction next year? ]:->

  8. AceD says:

    Leaving for AniRena was probably the best decision of my LIFE.

  9. Enzedder says:

    Woo! Credit! 😀

  10. Meomix says:

    *Pats AceD on the back*

    Humiliating wasn’t it?

  11. AceD says:

    Yea, was no sarcasm or owt…AniRena is obviously a piece of shit.

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