A little fun from support

[14:55] –> yoshi ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[15:00] <yoshi> help “Your account has been suspended.”
[15:01] <~Duki> My account?
[15:01] <~Duki> Why, what did I do?
[15:01] <yoshi> Idk why ??
[15:01] <yoshi> not its mine
[15:01] <~Duki> Oh….
[15:02] <yoshi> admin-sama how do iget my account back
[15:02] <~Duki> Dunno, what did you do to get suspended?
[15:03] <yoshi> idk i just get the warn this morning.
[15:05] <yoshi> !help
[05:07] <~Duki> Well my esper skills are still level 2 only, I still require direct contact made in order to read minds
[15:07] <~Duki> can you put your forehead to the screen so I can read what is your username, please?
[15:08] <yoshi> Omg
[15:09] <yoshi> well i ve did a lot of thing last night
[15:09] <yoshi> so i dont know wich one make my acount suspended
[15:10] <~Duki> I must have been drunk…
[15:10] <~Duki> you’re not pregnant now, are you?
[15:10] <yoshi> no im not…
[15:11] <~Duki> phew, well that’s a relief…
[15:12] <yoshi> so how long this susupended take a time ?
[15:12] <yoshi> sorry for my engglish
[15:12] <~Duki> Usually?
[15:12] <~Duki> Very long…
[15:13] <yoshi> aww..
[15:13] <yoshi> is there any way to make it short..
[15:14] <~Duki> You know, it would have helped if you actually put your forehead to the screen in order to get your username
[15:14] <yoshi> o.5Arc
[15:15] <yoshi> 0.5Arc this one
[15:16] <~Duki> Ah… and I suppose o.5prince and d.arc are your loving parents?
[15:17] <yoshi> so ive suspend coz dat
[15:17] <yoshi> no its mine…
[15:17] <~Duki> among other things
[15:17] <~Duki> stat hacking?
[15:17] <~Duki> yea, I think that contributed…
[15:18] <yoshi> but the prince dont get susupended yet..
[15:19] <~Duki> I think you should read this http://wiki.bakabt.me/index.php/For_First_Timers#Why_Stat-Hacking_on_BakaBT_is_a_Losing_Proposition
[15:20] <~Duki> You can try again next year
[15:20] * Duki sets ban on *!*cgiirc@*.ACBDDC27.409F6C17.IP
[15:20] <– Duki has kicked yoshi from #bakabt-support (Toodles~)
[15:21] <@Sashamaru> oh lul…
[15:23] <~Duki> Not to mention he uploaded 10 GB in 2 minutes he was not idle for
[15:24] <+Nazo> lul

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