Massive Update!

I jest, it will only be a few lines long today as it’s currently 0100 and I have to go to France.

Right then, let’s commerce.

1) There is an official BakaBT meeting happening soon.
24th of September. York, Yorkshire, England.
Contact information and such is on the forums. Please do come as it will be brilliant.

2) My pet snake is awesome. As is the Escaflowne soundtrack, go download it now.

3) We have new staff members, some of which are now bishes. Feel free to abuse and ask really stupid questions to them. They LIVE for it.

4) I will be taking a camera to the meeting. I will upload them shortly afterwards, after having recovered from the hangover I fully expect to get.

5) When I return to the UK, there will be more posts, more often. <_< I've been slacking..... 6) A typo was made on purpose to see who'd notice.

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