Mod work.

So as we all know, I’m one of the lazier staff members around. -points to blog-

Amazingly though I do do some work, today alone I’ve had the following and thought I’d share….

Mod Question:

so in summary my ratio was too low ,i got a warning message which says i cannot download until my ratio goes up ,and now i have tried everything i read the Wiki and the FAQ, i tried loading a torrent i downloaded before like (Durarara) and left it to seed but my ratio is still the same so the only thing i could think of right now is that you banned me for life to enter this site cause of one mistake which i tried with all of my power to correct but with no use and it has been a month now so i really don’t know what to say

What’s the question?

😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐
Are you F u c k i n g serious ,you don’t understand the question Dumb a s s .Read it carefully u b i t ch ….

I’ve not yet replied to this person, does anyone want to give suggestions?

Adoption Request:
[spoiler effect=”slide”]I have 550KB/s upload band, but cant upload anything cause in the torrents that I need to download for myself nobody leeches (but me). Anyway I want to give this torrent a try, I saw is about robots, which I like alot. Even if I won’t like it, I can keep it on my hard drive and upload it for a long time, as I have nothing to upload on my bandwidth.[/spoiler]

I have nothing much more of value to say right at this time, so I’ll just let this bite-sized chunk settle.

Love, Chiya.

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5 Responses to Mod work.

  1. AceD says:

    From this point forth, you shall be known as; that dumb ass bitch.

  2. Soryon says:

    awww, and he seemed like such a likeable guy.

  3. sashamaru says:

    I find it amusing how webb***ke spaced out the characters in his curse words to evade our non-existent word filters.

  4. rlke says:

    Try telling webb***ker to check if he’s able to download any torrents from our site. If he’s able to then he’s clearly still able to use BakaBT and didn’t read the FAQ properly._. I guess the adopter has to be interviewed in order for you guys to see if he/she is able to handle the torrent adoption. (If you were hardworking enough though. =)

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