Mod work.

So as we all know, I’m one of the lazier staff members around. -points to blog-

Amazingly though I do do some work, today alone I’ve had the following and thought I’d share….

Mod Question:

so in summary my ratio was too low ,i got a warning message which says i cannot download until my ratio goes up ,and now i have tried everything i read the Wiki and the FAQ, i tried loading a torrent i downloaded before like (Durarara) and left it to seed but my ratio is still the same so the only thing i could think of right now is that you banned me for life to enter this site cause of one mistake which i tried with all of my power to correct but with no use and it has been a month now so i really don’t know what to say

What’s the question?

😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐
Are you F u c k i n g serious ,you don’t understand the question Dumb a s s .Read it carefully u b i t ch ….

I’ve not yet replied to this person, does anyone want to give suggestions?

Adoption Request:
[spoiler effect=”slide”]I have 550KB/s upload band, but cant upload anything cause in the torrents that I need to download for myself nobody leeches (but me). Anyway I want to give this torrent a try, I saw is about robots, which I like alot. Even if I won’t like it, I can keep it on my hard drive and upload it for a long time, as I have nothing to upload on my bandwidth.[/spoiler]

I have nothing much more of value to say right at this time, so I’ll just let this bite-sized chunk settle.

Love, Chiya.

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