Interview: Jarudin

It’s time for an interview!

Cubensis managed to catch up with Jarudin late one evening for an interveiw. What did BoxTorrents most infamous member have to say? Read on to find out!

Cube: First of all, welcome! Where are you right now and what is the vibe like?

Jarudin: I’m currently at home behind my PC. It’s 0:30am and I just put on some Susumu Hirasawa; so the vibe is kinda funky.

Cube: Sounds splendid 🙂
The name Jarudin is infamous in the BoxTorrents community. For those who may not know, could you please explain exactly what it is that you do, and your involvement with Boxtorrents?

Jarudin: Hmm, there’s quite a history but at the moment I’m an admin. That means I make a lot of decisions regarding banning policies, uploading policies, staff policies, stuff like that. I’m also the lead developer for BoxTorrents, over the past year I’ve seriously modified the BoxTorrents code leading to many great changes and improved functionality.

Cube: Most people don’t realize how much work the BxT staff actually does. Is there a particular compelling reason why you spend so much time making the community the way it is?

Jarudin: I’m not sure what drives me. For a while I thought it was because I liked anime a lot, but that’s not just it. I also like programming a lot and I like it when people use ideas I thought of or use a piece of code I wrote.

Cube: How do you feel about how BoxTorrents has grown and evolved over the years? Where do you see BoxTorrents 5 years from now?

Jarudin: BoxTorrents has really grown a lot. I joined the site in 2004 and back then the site still looked a bit like the default TorrentBits installation. BoxTorrents itself will not really change a lot, I think. The fundamentals created by Box when he founded the site are timeless and still hold. I do not want to change the core functionality of BoxTorrents. Maybe I will find ways to make it easier to make description or to keep better track of different versions of anime and related material but the core function and fundamentals will not change. BoxTorrents is rather unique in its kind. We’re not just a tracker site. We have only completed series or seasons, and only a few versions of each. This changes everything, in favour of the user. (we hope 🙂 )

Cube: That’s why we love it so! 🙂
Care to name a few of your favorite animes and why you love them?

Jarudin: Ok, first one: Serial Experiments Lain. It was one of the first series I saw and I was overwhelmed by it. When I first watched it (I was still quite young) I didn’t understand a lot of it.
Later when I started reading about it I understood more of the inside-story and how to interpret it. Aside from that, Lain just kick ass! 😀
My favourite anime of all time has to be the (young) kenshin OVA. I remember keeping it in my mind for a week after watching it. It’s just so epic.
In general, I like serious anime; anime that’s made because the writer wants to tell a story, not because he wants to make a lot of money. Series like Ghost in the Shell, Death Note and Eureka Seven come to mind.

Cube: A fantastic outlook on anime.

Jarudin: At the moment I’m watching Bounen no Xamdou and I have a feeling it’s going to be a nice series, reminds me of Eureka Seven a bit. There are many anime or just animations that are simply brilliant but you hardly hear people talk about them; such as On Your Mark, Hitsuji no Uta, Kigeki and Amazing Nuts (of which I recently bought a DVD box-set). I don’t mind experimental series like the stuff Studio 4oC generally produces. I also liked their work in the batman anime a lot.

Cube: Rumor has it that you’ve been in Japan for the past 3 weeks. Care to tell us a little bit about that? What was your motivation?

Jarudin: Yea, I just got back this Monday. The motivation is there for anyone who appreciates anime I guess. I was just lucky enough to have friends who also want to go and we went. I’m still working on a report about the trip, I’ll post details later.

Cube: We look forward to it! One last question for you: Seven nekomimis are riding on a bus; each one holding 7 nekos. If the bus stop and drops off half the nekos, and picks up 5 nurses and 2 maids holding 3 nekos each…who is the busddriver?

Jarudin: Common joke, but yea I guess the busdriver has to be someone who really likes nekomimi’s and nekos.

Cube: The straightforward answer!
Thank you for sharing your insight with us, Jarudin. Any final thoughts or comments?

Jarudin: Well, good luck with the blog. I hope it’ll turn into something permanent. 🙂

Cube: We hope so too! Thanks again, and take care.

Jarudin: Cya!

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