Staff Leak!

Secret-y News-y stuff!

-Chiya looks around to make sure Jarudin isn’t hiding behind a bush aiming a gun at him-
Alright, looks like the coast is clear! Let’s see how much secret comedy and news I can pass on before I’m caught and hauled away. =D

Let me tell you about offered torrents! Once this happens, moderators and administrators flock to the scene, like buffalo to the waterhole during a drought. After looking around, decisions have to be made. “Is the torrent already on the site?” “Is the series licensed?” “Is the torrent complete?” “Is the torrent made of fail? If so, is it fixable?”

At this point, super secret discussions are made. We meet up in a secret underground bunker and report our various findings and opinions. It’s generally at this point an action is made. One of us might Reject the torrent, with or without an explanation. We may request the uploader to do our evil bidding to make the torrent more acceptable, or we might give the “Semi-Approved” sign.

Once a torrent has been Semi-Approved, another mod will come sniffing, and double check to see if all is within reason. If it’s not, then quick queries and discussions in dark alleyways and isolated corners take place until the problems are resolved.

After all this time, the second staff member presses the big green flashing button saying “GRANT” and the torrent pops to the top of the RSS feed where the hungry Power Users are waiting for their slice of new torrent.

Uh oh! -Chiya spots Jarudin running towards him-
I think it’s time to make myself scarce. If I don’t make it out alive, tell kureshii that I love him!
-Chiya runs off and hides in a dark alleyway-

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