Welcome to what could be considered the “funnies” part of the blog. Here we’ll see IRC and Forum quotes/posts which make you snicker, laugh or simply smile. All rudeness removed for the younger readers. ^_^
Cubensis:: *Stabs Euphemia with a rusty butterknife and runs away*
Troak:: I don’t think you can outrun the banstick, Cubensis
Euphemia:: Stick?
Euphemia:: It’s a cannon.
Euphemia:: Loaded with pandas…
Euphemia:: With guns.
Euphemia:: Which in turn…
Euphemia:: Are loaded with pandas.
Euphemia:: With guns.
Euphemia:: Ssrsly.
Euphemia:: Game Over
Cubensis:: o.O

So… fine! Everyone’s entitled to his/her own opinion!
Just because you don’t like this wonderful anime doesn’t mean you’re stupid. In fact, it means you’re much smarter than I am, because I’m too narrow-minded to accept that everyone has different opinions.

*puts in a Coldplay CD, throws on a DBGT hoodie,
and heads over to the Shipuuden forums*
Keevtara:: I ate a package of Pop-Tarts and a bottle of Mountain Dew. I love the vending machines.

Sakura588:: Holy crap….you ate a bottle of mountain dew?! :O
Chiyachan must have done something wrong, because for some reason the moment the server went down all i could hear was
MarchHare:: i hate it when my mom does the laundry
MarchHare:: she doesn’t know how i organize my clothes
MarchHare:: >_<
Bread:: youngsters, don’t know how good they have it
Bread:: now, back when I was a kid
Bread:: we did our own frickin’ laundry
Bread:: and we thanked our parents, for letting us do it
Cassius:: they let you go out and beat it on the big rock in the river? 😛
Bread:: yeah
Bread:: in the winter, we peeled the ice off our ankles
Bread:: but we kept going
Bread:: because that laundry, it’s not doing itself…
kureshii|slp:: bai libby
kureshii|slp:: bai breadu
kureshii|slp:: bai euphie
kureshii|slp:: bai chala
kureshii|slp:: hmm, that reminded me of teletubbies for some reason

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