Welcome to the BxT Blog! Introductions and Explanation!

Welcome to BxT Blog! This is a new project being ran and maintained by Chiyachan and Cubensis55 (With Jarudin’s approval of course!)
We aim to deliver lots of various, yet interesting articles on a bi-monthly basis. Among other things, you’ll find reviews and interviews, as well as brain spews. We’ll host competitions, give-aways and interesting stuff you won’t be told elsewhere.
So, without further ado, let’s commence Project: BxT Blog!

First off, I’m Chiyachan, otherwise known as Lolitachan, Euphemia, Xavier and a whole horde of other names.
Cubensis is the co-writer for this blog. He’s known as Cubechan, Cubsey and “Get to work naow!”

We’ll give more detailed introductions later on. <3 We realise that it's in reverse order, but that's the fun nature of a blog! =D (Made it easier, made it think I posted everything in reverse time order yay!)

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