The End Is Upon Us!

*Cubensis attempts to give his closing note through the layers of bloody bandages wrapped around his skull*
Mffmmple mrff mffle pmmlpr!
Pmmrmlle mrfffindergin bffrwgin sty?
snturffl glerffle mmmmdrwfnbr plrrwdchmm!

<3 Cuuvmss == Yeah, don't blame me for that Cub.. Just be glad you wern't too late in getting your part of the work done eh? Otherwise I would have sent Jarudin after you. =D Anyway, It's firmly decided now. We will be doing a Blog entry on the 1st and the 16th of each month. If you wish to submit anything at all, just throw it over to me on forums or website so it can be reviewed. Please try to have ready at least 3 days before the Blog goes live. Much Love! Chiyachan.

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