Decisions, decisions…

Hey, hey – this happens to be my first blog – so not to beat around the bush too much let me cut right to the chase.

Staff decisions can be hard at times, and so here’s the latest leak on that super secret conversation of that decision process…

[20:15] <@Duki> seen this
[20:16] <@Duki> i vote replace…
[20:21] <@Lan-the-Pianist> an  based on the caps on that link, Duki, I see what he’s saying, so I vote replace as well
[20:21]<@kureshii> needs better description image >_<
[20:21] <@Duki> only that
[20:23] <@kureshii> wow, i’m glad nobody’s looking at me now -_-
[20:23] <@kureshii> i’m, like, staring at hinako’s crotch trying to discern differences in iamge quality between two encodes…
[20:24] <@kureshii> but try explaining that to a bystander ~_~
[20:24] <@Duki> lol

I think it would be wise for me to run now, but in case anyone asks – Chiya forced me….

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3 Responses to Decisions, decisions…

  1. Macros74 says:

    Jeez, imagine the hardship you have to endure when reviewing all those offers in depth like this one… 😉

  2. Cubensis says:

    “Chiya forced me…”

    I feel you my friend…. T~T

  3. Don’t worry; it doesn’t hurt after a while.

    OT: Duki, you suck for unnamed reasons. <3

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