K-On no Naku Koro Ni

Ok, so, inspired by this image, I was supposed to have written said fic (though I’m sure many other have tried before me). But due to a lack of effort and not having seen K-On yet (Kristen promised me BruReis so I’ll wait~), this fic could not be written yet. Faced with the prospect of delaying this fic until it is no longer effective, I decided to just post this snippet:

*Potential Spoilers*

22:54:57 <@kureshii> they keep trying to form a band
22:55:03 < Morgia> if they started doing that I’d even consider watching K-ON 🙂
22:55:03 <@kureshii> and keep ending up bludgeoning each other
22:55:14 < Morgia> *yay* for blood and gore
22:55:15 <@kureshii> until 1000 retries later they are finally successful 😀
22:55:30 <@kureshii> basic story of K-On no Naku Koro Ni in a nutshell

22:58:01 <@kureshii> yeah, the last part would come in knknk, i know
22:58:04 < Tsunami> using the drums is pretty hard
22:58:16 < TCLe> Use the drum sticks?
22:58:22 <@kureshii> pin person down with the sticks
22:58:31 <@kureshii> keep bludgeoning with the drum rim
22:58:32 < Tsunami> K-On! had lots of DMC referrences
22:58:41 < Morgia> no… I was just wondering.. the title doesn’t make too much sense… “When the K-On cry”? ^^
22:58:42 < TCLe> Or you know, the bass drum
22:58:46 <@kureshii> and finish off by cutting up with sharpened cymbals?
22:58:50 < TCLe> That thing where you step on it and it hits the drum
22:59:08 < TCLe> This sounds like it needs to be a Doujin
22:59:09 < TCLe> =D
22:59:15 < Morgia> definitely

Other potential fics on the to-write list: Nodame no Naku Koro Ni, Clannad Days

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