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So… what’s the takeaway from Transformers 2? Even if you’ve conquered nanotechnology, the-art-of-making-giant-mecha, underwater as well as space operation, system hacking and subterfuge, and even mastered the art of making traps-with-tails… you will still lose to kung-fu. And also, the … Continue reading

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Do you want to save before you quit?

[Dorama] Waaahhhhh. What a dramatic month this has been. Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying the new site (although little has changed apart from the array of errors that many of you have encountered). We hope to be resuming normal … Continue reading

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Why are offers always ‘pending’?

So just why are so many offers left in the ‘pending’ stage for ages? I’m sure this is a question that you guys have all thought about before. Well, the answer lies in IRC, and I will share it with … Continue reading

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The behaviour of some users

It seems that some users believe that they are more important than others just because they can offer something that Box doesn’t already have, or is not easily acquirable over the great intarwebs. This does not give you license to … Continue reading

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The Loli of Troy

How do you make a Trojan that nobody can remove? By making them not want to remove it, of course! Random Idea #34 1. Write a Trojan 2. Incorporate it into a desktop loli app that puts a loli character … Continue reading

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Boxtorrents Description Generator (for OSTs)

So, this last week or so I’ve been working on a Python script to dynamically generate descriptions for large OST sets.  With Chiya continually pestering me, it’s finally gotten to something half-releasable, so I thought I’d share it with y’all. … Continue reading

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