Dear readers and BakaBT users,

Recently, I realised that we haven’t really been acknowledging the efforts of subbers, encoders, uploaders and such. This I noticed after looking at one of the recently granted offers, namely Princess Tutu OVAs.

How insensitive of us site moderators and administrators to not have noticed that “Group” is simply an insufficient label to describe the hours of blood and sweat poured into each and every offer! * kureshii chastises himself and the BakaBT staff for being so insensitive to effort.

In repentance, we have decided to accord the proper recognition to such dedicated effort, and accompany them with new titles:

Uploaders: Marketing and Graphic Design Executives
Power Uploaders: Senior Marketing and Graphic Design Executives
Seeders: Content Provision Enterprises (Our Precious Employees)
Leechers: Our Valued Customers
Fansubbers: Content Translation, Localisation and Enhancement Services
Encoders: Content Packaging and Optimisation Services

There is no word yet on whether these new titles will be integrated into the site; that largely depends on Jarudin, our webmonkey *ahem* Server Administrator, Programmer and BakaBT co-owner.

In any case, enjoy your new titles, we hope you like them, and we pray that these new titles will give you a feeling of empowerment that inspires you to contribute even more! 😀

Yours Sincerely,
BakaBT moderator voluntary slave Operational Service Manager

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4 Responses to Empowerment

  1. enginarc says:

    well kureshii, imagine the questions coming to the Need Help? Ask Here Board

    Member1: My torrent won’t seed???? it was seeding 5 months ago!!!
    Operational Service Manager (OSM): How many “Content Provision Enterprises” and “Value Customers” do you see on the torrent??
    Member1: woot? I don’t understand
    OSM2: read the f**king wiki!! (thread locked)


  2. Southrop says:

    So am I an Operational Service Manager too?

  3. AnGer says:

    *lol* How appropriate.

  4. Do I get a raise with the new title?

    At least a plaque on my door? Business cards?

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