Merry Christmas

As the picture above says, Merry Christmas everyone!
Welcome to the new dawning of so many things.

So much has happened recently and people, (Including myself) have been too lazy to inform you about them. Let’s keep it short and snappy.

  1. Remember about 10 months ago I started BoxIdol? Yes? No? Regardless, I ended up getting sidetracked and the amazing psyren has managed to get it to the stage where it’s almost completed.
    (Hopefully we’ll be able to get it more streamlined and faster for next time.)
  2. I now work insane hours at work! (We’re talking 24 hour shifts!)
  3. Oh, did we mention freeleech? That’s correct. Since it’s Christmas time, it’s time to get leeching. (Or seeding if that’s your kink.) It sucks for the naughty warned people. No freeleech for you! 😀
  4. If anyone is wondering about the characters from the picture… It’s Riku and Risa from DNAngel. A brilliant series which is my recommendation of the month.

The artist is a good friend of mine called, GDI. His gallery can be found here:

Loadsa love on behalf of Chiya, and the other Chan Legion members. (Yesh, we still exist. PM me on the forums to locate our new home.)

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