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So you have a suggestion for BBT

The Best Idea in the World. The Idea So Good No One Could Possibly Resist Implementing It. We come across such ideas every so often; the very mention of them must naturally, automatically result in perfect, working solutions without any … Continue reading

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4 Things I Don’t Miss

So, it seems people are finally getting used to the idea that I’ve stepped down. Among the first questions I always get asked in response to this is “Why?”. The primary reasons are already outlined above, but surely there’s more … Continue reading

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Just for Kagenoryu

User Kagenoryu is thinking of unregistering his account, but not just through any ordinary method. No, he wants it public and noticeable so people know his reasons for doing so. Unfortunately, at the moment our system does not send out … Continue reading

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Thank you for your support so far

It seems the site came back up again while I was asleep; Leaseweb found we were no longer being spammed with heavy traffic, and reconnected us. Not forgetting that we are being threatened with another DDoS in a week’s time … Continue reading

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Some Updates on the DDoS

[Brought over from the other blog domain; comments have been left unimported] Not much to say about the incident at this point, but I’ll just clarify some things on our side. [ninja-edit] By the way, we’re on IRC (#bakabt on … Continue reading

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Spotted on IRC: #bakabt-support < User> Hmm may i know what is the command for downloading certain naruto episodes at bakabt? < User> I was at the packlist page for it but can’t seem to find the specific command for … Continue reading

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Dear readers and BakaBT users, Recently, I realised that we haven’t really been acknowledging the efforts of subbers, encoders, uploaders and such. This I noticed after looking at one of the recently granted offers, namely Princess Tutu OVAs. How insensitive … Continue reading

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A Day In the Life

As any admin/mod knows, you will always be insulted for doing your job, no matter how conscientious, hardworking and good-natured you are (not that we are all of the above three, but I’m sure we fit at least one of … Continue reading

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A Spicy Surprise this season

“kureshii has been scarce lately because kureshii is super-busy with a bunch of stuff, but before kureshii leaves, kureshii will leave a blog post,” says kureshii as he tries to be a good host (I know MISAKA is pretty annoying, … Continue reading

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Ok, so I’m many months late on this rant, but anyway. 13 years ago, Madhouse animated Tetsuwan Birdy. This is what it looked like: This year, in 2009, A1 Pictures animated Tetsuwan Birdy DECODE 2. This is what it looks … Continue reading

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