Fail of the week

Been a while since we had something interesting to post for this section, not because the amount of fail has decreased or disappeared altogether but rather because we stopped being surprised by it and thought we had seen it all… We were wrong…

It’s amazing how some people will always find new ways to fail.

Where did someone manage to find a new way of failing you ask? It was on the wiki this time 🙄

Now the magnitude of the fail wouldn’t be so grand if there weren’t so many ways one could ask a question, no matter how ridiculous, pointless or how many times answered that question may be…

People usually choose to:

  1. Open a thread
  2. Use the help form
  3. Go to our irc channel for support
  4. Contact staff over a pm
  5. Harass Jarudin

And from all those options (and some other I couldn’t think of atm) our user decided to create a wiki article with the question.

Wiki article

Append-um:: Appears that the user at hand also had a warning for poor ratio, after which he tried to create a new account… On the Wiki as well…

Need I say more?

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