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I’ve been hiding out

Soooo, regardless if you guys remember me or not, I’m going to make a post so you all don’t think I disappeared on you. Life has been, in a word, hectic. Last quarter was pretty stressful. Got in all of … Continue reading

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Your binary shipment of fail has arrived

I hope that by viewing just a fraction of the sheer stupidity/selfishness we have to deal with on a regular (and frequent) basis, users will appreciate/understand why we do what we do just that little bit more. Just a little. … Continue reading

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Weekly dose of fail

This past few weeks we really gave us a hard time choosing the winners of the “Fail of the week contest” because of great interest and massive number of applications received… Reading the Wiki is quite hard, but apparently typing … Continue reading

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Over a year already?

Where to begin? It started with a dream… (isn’t that how all awesome stories start?) On a late Spring night, Chiya was frightfully bored. He had almost nothing to do. All he was doing was vegetating (sp) in front of … Continue reading

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I am smrt coz I google

We weren’t originally planing to blog about this guy, but he really kept pushing it – well I guess we just went ahead with it. Protip: don’t tell us your plans to (attempt to) cheat: I made this account because … Continue reading

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