I am smrt coz I google

We weren’t originally planing to blog about this guy, but he really kept pushing it – well I guess we just went ahead with it.

Protip: don’t tell us your plans to (attempt to) cheat:

I made this account because my real account (i previously told you it was my bro’s account) in my own PC was suspended because i logged in from a friend’s account and i cant access the Web IRC thingy. Page doesnt load after the 3-line disclaimer. I made this account to take links of animes and dl them as a public leecher and just to dl a few GB of hentai and get banned and then i would never come to BBT again. But i guess everything changed. Now let me google “How to change your IP”.

Alright but let’s present this orderly.

#1 doiknow asks retarded questions via help form – to which he managed to receive polite responses regardless.

#2 doiknow got a 3 day tracker warning for harassing staff.

#3 doiknow breaks several forum rules, and gets a verbal forum warning which he ignores.

#4 doiknow got a temp. forum ban, after which most users would either rethink their behavior, or at least lay low for a while…

#5 …

Now for the irc logs:

[16:22] –> doiknow ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[16:24] * doiknow slaps Duki around a bit with a large fishbot
[16:24] <– Duki has kicked doiknow from #bakabt-support (I dare you to slap me again :p)
[16:25] * Duki lulz
[16:26] <blubart> i hope he doesn’t expect us to unban him…
[16:27] <Nazo|Oyasumi> given his islam spewing in that thread that he necro’d and psy locked?
[16:27] <Duki> Cause he’s so smart and all…
[16:27] <Nazo|Oyasumi> and making psyrenkiller/psyrenripper accounts? yeah… that
[16:28] <Nazo|Oyasumi> *that’ll make us want to unban him
[16:28] –> Duki_ ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[16:28] <Duki_> !help
[16:28] <BBT> Error: Usage ‘!help command’ – Available commands are: (commands|rules|wiki|faq|warnings|login|delete|pruned|reseeding|fixing|account|fft)
[16:28] <– Duki has kicked Duki_ from #bakabt-support (Importer)
[16:28] <blubart> yup, totally…
[16:29] –> noimpostor ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[16:29] <noimpostor> !help
[16:29] <BBT> Error: Usage ‘!help command’ – Available commands are: (commands|rules|wiki|faq|warnings|login|delete|pruned|reseeding|fixing|account|fft)
[16:29] <Duki> that’s like less suspicious…
[16:30] <noimpostor> ok ok
[16:30] <Duki> how can we help you noimpostor?
[16:30] <noimpostor> i just “slapped” to get your attention
[16:30] <blubart> you might want to ask your question … fast
[16:30] <noimpostor> ya account suspended for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON
[16:30] <noimpostor> i dint even login from another pc
[16:30] <noimpostor> or multiaccount
[16:30] <noimpostor> wondering why
[16:30] <Duki> no it’s actually quite clear to us…
[16:31] <blubart> and hilarious too
[16:31] <noimpostor> oooooo lets hear why
[16:31] <noimpostor> dont remember doing any of the 2
[16:31] <Nazo|Oyasumi> we can start by bad behaviour on the forums, which led to temp ban…
[16:31] <noimpostor> it was permban in forums
[16:31] <Nazo|Oyasumi> it was originally temp
[16:31] <noimpostor> oh
[16:32] <noimpostor> ok forget forums
[16:32] <noimpostor> im talking about tracker
[16:32] <Nazo|Oyasumi> then i was told something about oh… you saying you’ll make another account when warned
[16:32] <noimpostor> no i said ill make another when banned
[16:32] <Duki> that’s for pissing off psyren and me, despite being warned
[16:32] <noimpostor> pissing you??
[16:33] <noimpostor> i remember psyren
[16:33] <Nazo|Oyasumi> and then you got banned
[16:33] <noimpostor> i thought suspended?
[16:34] <noimpostor> when i login it says suspended
[16:34] <blubart> it’s the same
[16:34] <noimpostor> awwwww
[16:34] <noimpostor> so no chance?
[16:34] <noimpostor> well anyway i can still be a public leecher right?
[16:34] <noimpostor> i ddint stat hack
[16:34] <Nazo|Oyasumi> after making account such as “psyrenkiller” and “psyrenripper”?
[16:34] <blubart> you lost your chance after trying to create two new accounts
[16:35] <noimpostor> i made bcoz it was suspended
[16:35] <noimpostor> what could i do?
[16:35] <Duki> when you go to a tracker and it’s strictly regulated, not the wises thing to do is oh lulz I is gonna break your rules cause I is so smrt
[16:35] <noimpostor> no i is band so i is simply seeing wt hapns when i try making
[16:36] <noimpostor> just answer if i can be a public leecher
[16:36] <noimpostor> or not
[16:36] <Duki> u may be a public leecher
[16:36] <Nazo|Oyasumi> well, we haven’t banned your ip yet… so yes
[16:36] <noimpostor> when wil u ban it?
[16:36] <noimpostor> only for stat hak ryt?
[16:36] <Duki> next year
[16:36] <noimpostor> oh why? i thot stat hak
[16:37] <noimpostor> too bad ill have to give all my downloads to my friends……..
[16:37] <noimpostor> so why ip banned though i didnt stat hack?
[16:37] <blubart> stat hacking is not the only reason to be suspended.
[16:37] <Nazo|Oyasumi> i’m not saying we will…
[16:37] <noimpostor> not suspended ip banned
[16:37] <noimpostor> but Duki says you will
[16:38] <Duki> no we won’t
[16:38] <noimpostor> then next year what?
[16:38] <Duki> what I meant is next year you can retry and behave for an acc
[16:39] <Duki> till then you can leech as an anonymous leecher
[16:39] <noimpostor> ooooooooo
[16:39] <noimpostor> now i see
[16:39] <noimpostor> i wouldnt leech as a private 1 even IF i had an account
[16:39] <noimpostor> not such a nice person
[16:40] <Duki> we are a public tracker after all
[16:40] <Duki> well semi-private
[16:40] <noimpostor> didnt “transcend the downloading-decreases-ratio stage” like kureshii said
[16:40] <noimpostor> well only reason i made an account again was to dl some hentais
[16:41] <Duki> and you lost that privilege…
[16:41] <noimpostor> too bad i wouldnt ever seed back and i would just get banned again. i made it to dl as much as possible and then immediately get banned
[16:42] <noimpostor> so after changing ip again i was banned? are you banning anyone who joins recently in an attempt to prevent me from making an account again after changing ip as i already said i have?
[16:42] <noimpostor> sory “as i already said i will”
[16:42] <blubart> this has nothing to do with changing ips, but with being a total idiot.
[16:43] <Duki> we ban when someone blatantly disregards our rules
[16:43] <noimpostor> which rule did i break 2nd and 3rd times?
[16:45] <noimpostor> my question?
[16:45] <blubart> the rule that you are only allowed one account…?
[16:46] <noimpostor> so you knew it was me because of my names?
[16:46] <Duki> we knew them because you are an idiot
[16:47] <blubart> and because we are not stupid
[16:47] <noimpostor> i knew i would get an answer like that
[16:47] <noimpostor> so what if someone else
[16:47] <noimpostor> suppose my friend signs up the first time in his life in his pc with “psyrenkiller2” today or tomorrow?
[16:48] <noimpostor> will u end up banning him too?
[16:48] <blubart> he’ll see
[16:48] <Duki> probably if he’s an idiot such as yourself…
[16:48] <Duki> personally I really don’t care
[16:49] <Duki> You could have just dropped soon after I and psyren warned you
[16:49] <Duki> but since you decided you were smarter
[16:49] <Duki> see where it got you?
[16:49] <Duki> use our public services from now on…
[16:50] <Duki> bye
[16:50] * Duki sets ban on *!*qwebirc@*.B3828C5D.7B2F06F6.IP
[16:50] <– Duki has kicked noimpostor from #bakabt-support (Farewell!)

Snippets from one of my conversations with him:

>>What if my account get banned? Can i just make a new one?
>Only after your old one gets pruned.

>>If not i can just change my IP right?

>>And if i am caught stat-hacking, cant i just change my IP?

He apparently asked the same question of Duki:

>>And if i change my IP?
>There are ways, but it’s best not to get banned if you ask me… Keep it up and you’ll get to experience it yourself!

To which he responded:

>Firstly, some other ways also please?

Come on, seriously?

Finally, some more irc logs:

[09:48] <doiknow> !help
[09:48] <BBT> Error: Usage ‘!help command’ – Available commands are: (commands|rules|wiki|faq|warnings|login|delete|pruned|reseeding|fixing|account|fft)
[09:48] <doiknow> since changing ip didnt work will changing motherboard work?
[09:50] <doiknow> !help
[09:50] <BBT> Error: Usage ‘!help command’ – Available commands are: (commands|rules|wiki|faq|warnings|login|delete|pruned|reseeding|fixing|account|fft)
[09:50] <doiknow> hello any1 home?
[09:53] <doiknow> i guess i must have come at a bad time Whew πŸ™
[09:53] <– doiknow has quit ()
[09:54] <xiong_chiamiov> >.<
[09:54] <Southrop> lol
[09:54] <Southrop> he has such great timing
[09:55] <xiong_chiamiov> and what can you say about
[09:55] <xiong_chiamiov> doiknow | since changing ip didnt work will changing motherboard work?
[09:57] <Wintereise> lolol
[10:52] –> doiknow ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[10:52] <doiknow> hope i didnt come at a bad time again
[10:53] <xiong_chiamiov> the answer to your question was no
[10:53] <doiknow> oh so changin what will let me?
[10:53] <xiong_chiamiov> as has been the answer to most of your questions recently
[10:53] <doiknow> i can c dat
[10:53] <doiknow> so changin wt wil let mE?
[10:54] <doiknow> nythn?
[10:54] <xiong_chiamiov> you do realize that you’re asking us, very plainly, to tell you how to outsmart us?
[10:54] <doiknow> no js askin if ders a way for more chances by spending money
[10:54] <doiknow> nt outsamrt u
[10:55] <xiong_chiamiov> if we disabled your account,
[10:55] <doiknow> u ppl r “super smart” lyk blubart said
[10:55] <xiong_chiamiov> your account is disabled.
[10:55] <doiknow> ya
[10:55] <doiknow> no way?
[10:55] <doiknow> changin nythn?
[10:55] <xiong_chiamiov> as I told you earlier, you can create another account when your current one is pruned
[10:56] <doiknow> huh? oh 1 yr later?
[10:56] <doiknow> dat 1?
[10:56] <doiknow> soooooo using another pc is fine tho ryt?
[10:56] <doiknow> if i just buy a new pc
[10:57] <doiknow> wil it work?
[10:57] <xiong_chiamiov> well, let’s try to think this through
[10:57] <doiknow> or changin net conection or perhaps country
[10:57] <xiong_chiamiov> will buying a new computer cause your account to get pruned?
[10:57] <doiknow> i didnt kno u ppl had to think. lyt speed brains
[10:58] <doiknow> no i guess
[10:58] <doiknow> why should it?
[10:58] <xiong_chiamiov> beats me
[10:58] <doiknow> not asking about pruning.asking about new acount
[10:58] <doiknow> if ill b able to make a new akont der
[10:58] <doiknow> in my new pc(s)
[10:59] <xiong_chiamiov> yes, and that has been answered more than enough times
[10:59] <doiknow> oh and what if sum random guy signed up wit an “ofensiv” name lyk “psyrenkiller”? would u ban him? i think my question was anserd but i was kikd out for lurking
[10:59] <doiknow> oh good so i just need to buy a new pc πŸ™‚
[11:00] <xiong_chiamiov> your brain seems incapable of absorbing information
[11:00] <doiknow> though i dont see any difference between buying a new pc and changing mobo
[11:00] <doiknow> ya it is
[11:00] <xiong_chiamiov> so please stop coming back to ask questions
[11:00] <doiknow> un41n8ly
[11:00] * xiong_chiamiov sets ban on doiknow!*@*
[11:00] <– xiong_chiamiov has kicked doiknow from #bakabt-support (doiknow)

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