Weekly dose of fail

This past few weeks we really gave us a hard time choosing the winners of the “Fail of the week contest” because of great interest and massive number of applications received…

Reading the Wiki is quite hard, but apparently typing is no cinch either…

[20:03] <blubart> why are warned users even allowed to adopt a torrent? ~.~
[20:03] <kureshii> o.o
[20:04] <blubart> just had one make the following request: “pla allo me”
[20:04] <kureshii> mmmm, no idea 😡
[20:05] <blubart> i think he meant to say “please allow me adopt this torrent”
[20:05] <kureshii> or maybe he meant “plow me”
[20:19] <Duki> lol

Second place:

  • Hey Im trying to fix my ratio and I happen to have all the episodes includning ova’s in RMVB files. They are of good quality and take a lot less space only 818MB. So please let me upload them on your site

Srsly? You want to adopt BluDragon’s torrent which just requires a minor description fix, but plan to replace them in remarkable RMVB file format!? Wow, just wow…

Our other runner ups were

  • i want to start seeding as much as i can to work back my ratio as iv found that this site is very good for downloading anime. i wood upload all my anime but i cant seem to figure out how to upload. the wiki page said that adopting is a good way to start working back your ratio…
  • i have the eng and jap so i wood put both on this torrent both of them are in mp4
  • i want to start seeding to fix my ratio so why cant i adopt a torrent as thats what your wiki page has told me to do?????

These 3 are actually all came from 1 user…

  • sorry to say i have no torrent files for uploading . so i want this torrent for uploading so please approved me…
  • will seed until instructed not to. Grazie

And that were just the adoption requests…

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