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Just a heads up, for those of you that might have RSS feeds running or bookmarks: update the address.

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The Legion Marches Again!

A long time ago I created the Chan Legion to provide lulz and a warm troll-like feeling to BakaBT. Mainly focusing on annoying IRC users, we had lots of fun. Our last main event was the October Rickroll. (Yes, I’m … Continue reading

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Closed for the week

[20:24] <Nazo|Dead> I should go into hiding for a while [20:24] <Duki> wai? [20:25] <Nazo|Dead> just too busy with stuff [20:25] <Nazo|Dead> and too much distractions from people at work [20:26] <Duki> rl troubles? [20:26] <Nazo|Dead> indeed [20:26] <Duki> been … Continue reading

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