Over a year already?

Where to begin?

It started with a dream… (isn’t that how all awesome stories start?) On a late Spring night, Chiya was frightfully bored. He had almost nothing to do. All he was doing was vegetating (sp) in front of his tiny monitors trolling on IRC.
Suddenly! An idea rushed into his head! Chiya sauntered over to the Deity Jarudin and put forward a proposal…

“Jaruuuuuuuuu. I got a frikin’ sweet idea! How ’bout we make us a blog?”
To which Jarudin replied, in his wise monotone voice, “Sure. You do it.”

So Chiya, eager to begin started hunting the Internet for a blogging tool. After hours of hunting one was discovered and installed by Jarudin. It was quickly replaced by WordPress due to the amount of contained fail in the previous blog pack.
After a few more hiccups it was then moved onto it’s current domain to stop it messing stuff up. >_> (Thanks Maluchan for hosting!)

That’s basically how the devil offspring of myself, Jarudin and Malus came into existence.
I post this today because it was this time last year (fortnight ago) in which this happened….
It’s the bakabt blog birthday! Free cookies for y’all!

(I apologise for my recent hiatus… 60+ hour work weeks drain you… 😥 I’m actually writing this from work on me phone! Yay!)

The blog and myself love you lots and we’ll see you soon!


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