BakaBT Wallpaper pack

Torrent batch, featuring 1450+ wallpapers from the Desktop/Wallpaper Thread can be found here.
As all of our torrents on BakaBT, keep this one seeded as well~
DDL – MegaUpload

Torrent size: 923 MB, contains most wallpapers up to page 142.
Torrent provided by courtesy of samfisher1
Compiled by Daedalos

So your desktop will never be boring again.
Directed by BakaBT Community~

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13 Responses to BakaBT Wallpaper pack

  1. Duki says:

    Unfortunately we couldn’t accept the torrent as an art book and host it ourselves since we only take official releases, but there shouldn’t be any problems having it advertised on the blog…

    Don’t forget to seed back~

  2. samfisher1 says:

    yay ! there was also a Web seed In this ! so the speed will be ++

  3. deadman80 says:


    I was looking forward to wallpapery goodness and instead all I find is a big “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED” notice… now I am sad. :”(

  4. Duki says:

    Link is fixed now, torrent is still active of course.

  5. FiNaLKiLLZ says:

    Link is X_X again =(. It Says ‘This Account Has Been Suspended’

  6. Duki says:

    Sorry, click the image for the torrent – forgot to update the other link as well…
    Fixed now~

  7. FiNaLKiLLZ says:

    thank you xD!

  8. FiNaLKiLLZ says:

    By the way…is it just me but isnt 6388078_QTM3B_bd94 supposed to be a .torrent file? It’s just that Utorrent wouldn’t open it automatically.

  9. FiNaLKiLLZ says:

    Ehh… Utorrent gives me some kind of an error(it says it can’t open it for whatever reason). My english is way too bad to translate it all from dutch -> english.. anyway it would be great if some1 knows a way to fix this…I tried adding .torrent behind the name (no results).

  10. Duki says:

    Soon to be buried old entry, but – updates:

    Original compiler credited
    Added MU link (DDL)

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