BakaBT is back on Facebook

I’m sure everyone knows that we had a Facebook page a while ago. And those of you who have thought to check will have noticed that the page went down and the URL no longer links to the page. This is due to Malus’ retirement, if you haven’t guessed already.

A new Facebook page has been created and can be accessed here:

However, Facebook is silly and won’t let me reclaim the shortcut, so I’m going to need suggestions for a new one! I’d offer a prize of sorts, but I can’t think of anything.

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10 Responses to BakaBT is back on Facebook

  1. Duki says:

    Why not BBT like that guy commented already?
    And make a new logo – at least capitalise BakaBT

  2. Southrop says:

    Duki: Because it needs to be a minimum of 5 characters D:

  3. son9o says:

    Why not try E-mailing FB support and try to explain the situation? (if not tried already)

  4. Southrop says:

    son9o: I would do that If I could find FB’s support email <_<

  5. son9o says:

    Southrop: you might want to try Help Centre >> help discussions >> ask question? it seems like kind of a support channel. I’ll try digging around for some proper e-mail later on.

  6. samfisher1 says:

    BakaBTCommunity ?



  7. Southrop says:

    ^ I find it amusing how I suggested Baka.BT on FB and someone else suggested BakaBTCommunity as well. But the use of ‘.’s doesn’t make the username different, unfortunately 🙁

    son9o: I probably won’t be able to get special pleading/exceptions by going through ordinary channels.

  8. son9o says:

    I’ve submitted a bug report… kind of that is, since it’s not like we’re stealing that username I figured it’s worth a go.

  9. son9o says:

    well it looks like bug report didn’t help, after all the name doesn’t matter as much as what we(cumunity) create. Sorry I couldn’t help.. 😉

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