VLC is a piece of crap

Now this is a line everyone has heard every once in a while but apparently many people are still unable process that piece of information.
So instead of me writing a tl;dr post why it sucks, why don’t I just let Yuki explain to you why is that…

So please stop bitching about VLC being unable to play various encodes and use a proper player.

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24 Responses to VLC is a piece of crap

  1. Duki says:

    I mean if Yuki says so, then it must be true…
    But Yuki forgot to mention shit support for HD encodes, and god forbid ordered chapters.

    But just so this doesn’t turn out to be complete VLC bashing, VLC can indeed be useful, but only as a last alternative…

  2. kamizushi says:

    VLC is great actually but CCCP is better.

  3. Duki says:

    Lol, the whole point of this is so to prove it’s not great…
    It might help you out as a last alternative when everything else fails you, but it screws up where most have no reason to.

  4. Xtras says:

    VLC has the rep that it works right out of the box so to speak, but it is really exaggerated. For general pirating it works very well, but for anime encodes it really drops the ball. If you want a player that “just works” with no added codecs or any such thing, then MPlayer is a much better bet.

  5. rashkae says:

    Just one problem with that video.. it’s almost all bs… what, are they talking about ancient versions of vlc from the .8 series?? sheesh. Haters need to catch up with the times.

  6. samfisher1 says:

    … THIS VID WAS RIGHT on the point. vlc is crap as the awesomly made vid STATES.

    lol at teh xvid fags. jokes. but mpc is SWEEEEET AS with the cccp codec pack XD

  7. Lol, 3 minute video? Pff, that’s *way* too long for my attention span.

    The first 12 seconds were pretty informative, though (“Uhh…”).

  8. Duki says:

    Well you’re a Gentoo fag, so it wouldn’t be very informative for you even if your attention span was longer then 12 seconds…

  9. IX says:

    Always loved this video.
    Some of the information is a bit dated, but the one thing that isn’t is that VLC really does suck.
    That’s the gem that matters, anyways.

    It was bad in the past, it’s bad now, and all signs point to it remaining in the gutter for a good long while yet.

    I think the worst thing about VLC is that people using it actually think that they’re a step above the average computer illiterate user(WMP/Quicktime/etc).
    This somehow causes them to rationalize that they’ve gone far enough.

  10. chibineko says:

    Duki, I’d like to point out that VLC works craptastically on my compu (which everyone knows is about as dated as anything you’re gonna find in the house of a person who can use the internet), where MPC-HC works beautifully. So yeah, that point is moot =3

  11. Akecu says:

    Ten points! 😀


  12. newy says:

    I hate you for using the German dub! Hearing and reading two totally different things! Gah!

  13. sashamaru says:

    German dub? Brilliantly esoteric and lulzy.

    The overall message? Truth and lulz.

    No human being in their right mind should ever use VLC to seriously watch anime. Or anything else, for that matter.

    It’s only legitimate function is as a lazy-person’s PNG screencap device.

    Yuki speaks the truth. Danke schön, fräulein Yuki.

  14. Xudonax says:

    I’d even go as to say that CCCP is also crap, I mean, the last release was september 2009 :O

    Please, just install Haali Media Splitter, ffdshow and Media Player Classic – Home Cinema. If it still doesn’t play smoothly, just follow this guide. I was able to make the Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 1080p edition play smoothly on a GeForce 8600M GS with a stupid 1,8GHz laptop CPU.

    So any reasonably modern PC should be capable to play at least 720p videos.

  15. cerb says:

    I have all that fancy crap for properly done anime encodes, but I keep VLC around for AVIs, dual audio when MPC can’t find the subs or dual audio and when I cba to deal with those everyday encoding fuck ups.

    With the hardware issue pretty much gone these days and most of the points in this vid being outdated, most people will have better time with VLC. The only real issue is mkv which can be annoying to deal with in VLC at times.

  16. Chef says:

    You know, about 3 years ago I used to use VLC for a lot of stuff. It had .flv support, and a lot of other nice things. Then I started having MKV files and on my old, 10 year old computer, they would start to slow down during fast action sequences and it was really irritating. I found MPC and used that for a few years. Eventually MPC randomly decides it doesn’t feel like displaying subtitles anymore, so I switch to zoom, which is basically the same thing I guess… then after a few months that won’t do it anymore. I haven’t really played around with the settings… certainly not to a point where I’d change something and not notice right away that it had stopped having subtitles to work. So I get a little frustrated and decide to use VLC again just for the hell of it, to see if it works. What do you know, it does. I’ll keep bouncing around between programs as they’re updated and surpass each other. Fuck your elitist bullshit. This is like brand loyalty, except worse.

    That video was a waste of time, too. Give me 5 bullet points, not a three minute video of what VLC was like 3 years ago. It doesn’t even bother to back up its statements. It’s like the creator thought ‘hey, those hitler subtitle videos are pretty funny’ and decided to make his own, but didn’t realise that he’s just a twat without any wit to speak of.

    Oh boy, the internet!

  17. neo1024 says:

    Well, I happen to rather like VLC – much faster on my system than the other players, especially on HD content, and much easier at selecting streams. Besides, I can remote-control it from my iPhone .All my encodes are tested solely on VLC. 😉

  18. taisira says:

    I dunno what version of VLC you guys are using. The only issue I have that was mentioned is that if I skip around more than 10 times in 30 seconds, the audio craps for a few seconds. But it usually fixes itself, so it’s never an issue. The other problem I have with VLC is actually more of a Wacom problem, since the interface system it uses isn’t really compatible with Wacom tablets unless in fullscreen mode.

    It’s the best of all media players I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve tried quite a few). I’d also like to point out the lulz of some of the people beating down VLC being in support of CCCP, which I always learned should be stayed away from at ALL COSTS.

    No, I’m not a fangirl, but I feel this bashing is from a misunderstanding and likely a long-held grudge (I remember what it used to be like). There is great subtitle support now, they do default (and you can specify which language if more than one is offered), video doesn’t lag, except on panning with two lines of subtitles, but I’d be hard-pressed to find a superior media player that doesn’t. I will admit, if there is no formatting already in the subtitles, they don’t look so great, but very few good groups don’t put ANY formatting in.

  19. Bubbabbat says:

    If your running OSX and trying to use VLC, just give up now. It sucks at playing anything MKV. Not to mention it takes like 30 secs for it to even load. If your on OSX I suggest using OSX mplayer extended. It plays everything VLC can, but it does it much better.

  20. keik says:

    This clip is made for trolls, Yuki-tards or general haters?
    Haters gonna hate, gentlemen.
    I still use VLC for almost 5 years now, earlier used MPC and other recommended stuff and it didn’t work well from what I recall.
    And another thing – VLC with it easy accessible settings for bad timing in subtitles, sound skips, enhancement fro the video itself is a pron for me.
    Works awesome on W7ulti while MPC got issues during installation process – fail.

  21. sloggerk says:

    VLC is constantly improving. I hadn’t touched it years but used it the other day on some stuff that wouldn’t play with mplayer and was shocked to see proper subtitle rendering.

    That said it still has its UI annoyances, but I think the seemingly large developer community it appears to have is helping it take many steps forward.

    Of course I still use mplayer for near everything. But just saying, it’s not quite so bad anymore.

  22. renkin12 says:

    i only have mpc-hc + lav filters, i can play video hi10p perfectly. if we use lav filters in gom player, we can play video hi10p perfectly too

    so, i think lav filters is the key to play hi10p video perfectly

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  24. trinity says:

    YukiDuki seems like an intellectually stunted person with a weak vocabulary.

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