Membership Milestone Reached!

Twenty three days ago, BakaBT reached a milestone figure of registered accounts. We hit the big 1,000,000 member mark. In order to celebrate this achievement I sent out a PM to the person who signed up BEFORE and AFTER to see if they’d be willing to talk to me about their experiences and the like.

What follows is a modified copy of the “interview”(ref #1) with member #999999 Suey.

Chiya: What made you decide to sign up to BakaBT? Were you referred? If so, by whom?
Suey: I had been watching anime, but never kept episodes due to lack of space on computer. I then decided to buy an external hard drive so I could keep the anime I downloaded. I asked my friend, known as anachlores on this site, and he told me to come here for high quality anime. Seeders as well.

Chiya: Have you ever downloaded anonymously from the site in the past?
Suey: No, I never have; I signed up as soon as decided to use this site.

Chiya: Do you plan to stick around and enjoy the community feeling?
Suey: I plan to stick around, but I haven’t really spent time to look through the forum yet due to classes.

Chiya: What do you think of the features signing up has entitled you to? Any features you really like or think should be improved?
Suey: I really like that every torrent seems to have a detailed description about the file so I know exactly what I am downloading. The comments also help offer more feedback and helps me choose between two different torrents of the same series. I also really like the bookmark system which is easier than actually bookmarking the page in my browser.

Chiya: How difficult do you feel it is/might be to keep your ratio up on the site?
Suey: So far it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal, as long as you don’t go crazy downloading everything you see. I just bookmarked a bunch, and am downloading them carefully so my ratio doesn’t drop drastically.

Chiya: Any prefered series you’ve found here and want to share the name of?
Suey: I haven’t really found any new series, but I have found, while looking for anime, many manga titles of animes I had seen previously. I have started downloading more manga than I previously used to.

Chiya: Are you more of a manga or anime person? (Or maybe an OST collector?)
Suey: I think I am more of an anime person just because it is more enjoyable to watch and hear the characters, but I have found the manga to be better in many cases.

Normally there would be a thank you and the like for taking part but as it was done over PM, such nicisticies can be left out. >_>
Regardless, you must all now PM the lovely Suey for taking part in this questioning and give him a Jolly Good welcome to the site!

Link as follows:

Ref #1: By interview, I mean I sent him a list of questions and waited for his reply.

Duki ninja edit: Unfortunately our 1,000,000th user will not be enjoying BakaBT, and following us up with an interview as he was disabled for multi-accounting…

With Love
~BakaBT Staff~

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