Final farewell for greenseed

BakaBT seems to have lost another user, which has left our entire staff devastated.

Our faithful user who has been with us for the past month has abruptly decided to leave us upon realising that all anime is licensed and that authorities in Norway are hard to crack down on all illegal anime downloaders going as far as attaching electrodes to your balls and zapping you a number of times for every anime episode/song you acquired.

Illegal Norway downloaders beware.

So it is with a sad hearth we bid him farewell~
He will be forever missed πŸ˜₯

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11 Responses to Final farewell for greenseed

  1. Macros74 says:

    I just knew this was going to become a blog post… πŸ˜‰

    Personally I recommend him for his decisive action, sadly it’s too late for me, or to quote Enzedder: “I have been addicted for too long and now I get withdrawal symptoms every time I try to go without for a few days. Its horrible.” So profoundly true…

    One good thing though, here in the Netherlands electrodes are not allowed to be used by law enforcement. Here they force you to watch this Dries Roelvink video untill you confess everything…

  2. SeventyX7 says:

    An Error Has Occurred!

    The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

  3. Duki says:

    That’s xiong being a jackass, fixed it now…

  4. Soryon says:

    Oh god, this can’t be happening! Greenseed, nooooo!!!!

  5. Arc Da Rat says:



  6. AceD says:

    I scared him too much, i need to stop ruining the site

  7. Macros74 says:

    I scared him too much, i need to stop ruining the site

    This was the 10th or 11th one I believe? πŸ˜‰

  8. Xtras says:

    Twould seem the story continues

    Perhaps an update with this link is in order:;boardseen#new

  9. AceD says:

    lol, that kid is nuts ヽ(Β΄ο½° ο½€)γƒŽ

  10. ghiblike says:

    I know him… this dude PM’d me twice asking, in impeccable engrish, why my newly approved torrent with no seeds couldn’t be downloaded.

  11. surdumil says:

    @ghiblike – So the Aniplex execs squelched the seeders, eh? It’s getting tougher all the time! ;D

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