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The best of the best – Month One!

Righty then. That’s this set of blogs posted for now. Please vote on your favourite so that more bonus points can be assigned. As well as some other secret prizes. You have a week to get your vote in. And … Continue reading

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The Jewel Of Dreams ~ Episode 1

PROLOGUE It was a hot summer afternoon in the jungles of Peru. Somewhere along the way, a jeep hurdles along the greenery. As they rushed upon the clearing, they stopped. Haltingly, they saw the mysterious temple that they chatted about. As they approached the … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Scissors Review

Pumpkin Scissors starts off in a war torn pile of ruins, where an armistice between the empire and the republic is announced. Five days earlier the same happens at the graduation ceremony at an officer academy. The Pumpkin scissors is … Continue reading

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The H-Bomb: Hentai

To every other non-Japanese fan of anime, more often than not he or she gets ridiculed for watching “silly cartoons”, and this is normal. If you have not, I salute your awesomeness. For every other non-fan of anime, he or … Continue reading

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Honey and Clover Review

ANN: Honey and Clover Love can be the easiest and the hardest emotion all at the same time. It can be easy to love somebody at first, but then seem like the hardest thing in the world to see that … Continue reading

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[17:23] <MarchHare> southrop [17:23] <MarchHare> what anime is that in your avatar [17:23] * MarchHare hides [17:24] <@Southrop> D:

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