The difference between between anime and cartoons.

Many people think that anime and cartoons are actually the same thing. I know that every person who will read this will most likely know how to distinguish, but I felt the urge to write this post to prove to all once and for all, that it’s normal to watch anime no matter how old you are.

First I would like to show you two pictures one featuring a cartoon character another an anime character:

I think that the first thing a person would notice in an anime is the eyes, which really stand out. Actually almost every anime has it’s own unique drawn eyes.  To be honest I first look into the character’s eyes and see if they appeal to me. The problem is that I haven’t managed to find an anime that has “ugly” drawn eyes. On the other hand, cartoons often show us the same old characters, with non unique personalities. Also the drawing is often kind of dull and as you can see the character shown here has 4 fingers instead of 5.

The second thing which is also important is the hair. You can see that the cartoon character’s hair can be drawn very easily by practically anyone and the color is just to plain. Whilst in the anime character we can clearly see a difference, the hair has probably taken more time than for the cartoon producer to draw his own character. Also he has used 3 different colors: blue, dark blue and light blue.

Finally I would like you to make a distinction between both proportions of the character. I mentioned earlier about the number of fingers on the cartoon character I assure you, that you won’t find anything like that in an anime (well maybe if the character had one of their fingers cut). The cartoon character is just made out of triangles and the anime character is not only beautifully colored but also perfectly drawn, it’s a real copy of a human and yet it has those sparkling eyes and that fantastic hair which makes it different.

That’s all I can say about this discussion. I’m hoping that I have managed to convince at least some readers who can’t make a difference between both anime and cartoons to finally understand great Japan’s (there are other countries I know, but Japan is the main producer) culture and stop thinking that it has to do something with America’s “fantastic” cartoons which are very “interesting” (dull) and would make you “laugh” (more like make you lose brain cells) any time.

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