The Jewel of Dreams ~ Episode 2 ~ Part 1!

Chiya edit: Just making a little conversation in the top of this post as there’s no introduction and therefore no real place to put a page cutter in the story. Needed to make things tidier. But I won’t tell the author if you don’t. ;D

Back in the offices of The Foreigner, Clear Town’s longest running paper…

“Coming back from the dead. Got myself nothing but work…”

Clint McConors became frustrated. He’s got a editorial cartoon by the end of the week, and at the same time work on his comic, Agent’s Creed. Nikki Shore did her rounds, watching out from her staff for laziness and the other side of life.

“Dude, what are you doing there?”, said Nikki with a smirk on the face. “Well, what’s your prob? If none, go then. I’m still busy with my thing, and your thing’s not different.” The comic-book artist scribbles upon his notebook.

Nikki became a little frustrated and tried to get the notebook, unfortunately for her surprise, a bagel is next to the notebook… As far as it goes, Nikki loved bagels.

“Wait a minute! You’re trying to bribe me, aren’t you?!”, Nikki caught the attention onto the intent. “No, I don’t…”, Clint grabbed the plate with a bagel and, with a mischievous smile on his face, shows it to Nikki. Nikki can’t resist…

Nikki’s iPhone rang… Looking at the cellphone, she then answered the call…

“Yes… This is Nikki… No… Nope… Nooooo….. Yeah…”

“I don’t get it? This is too cliché”, the dude though didn’t mind the call and preceded in his own world. Nikki grabbed Clint in the shoulder, “Dude, we have a situation that calls your attention, again.”

“The hell, again? Well… Sure”, Nikki then dragged Clint to the elevator and there they talked…

“Dude, one of my friends need your help. Her father, a scientist…” Clint still focused on nothing but his own self. Dunno why, but he seems to be an expert on it. As they go to the basement of the “Shore Complex”, Nikki then called a cab. “Dude…”, Nikki stared at the dude… he seems fixed on one point. She then snapped her fingers.

” 😀 Oh… Yeah your father’s a scientist! I didn’t know that…”

” 😡  What the hell are you talking about? You’re not listening, are you?” They quarreled as another person saw the cab. “Well, I’m focusing on the comic, that’s what.”

“Another excuse from the expert. I know your stuff dude, from head to toe. I’ll never be fooled. 😎  Naa-a. Nada. Null. Not in a million years.”

“Umm, Nikki”, Clint saw the cab go to the horizon. “Dude, save your excuses to others. Because this Nikki is fool-proof!”

“Nikki, the cab.”

“Well, I won’t fall for that. It’s like your implying that the cab’s…” Nikki said bye-bye to the cab. “Oops.”

“Hehe… Well, who’s the fool now, Nikk?!”

” 😥 NO!!!!” [“Do not waaant!”]

Breaking the fourth wall, Clint implied, “How did we get into this mess, we already know. But how we will gonna get out of it…”


Shout out to Kyrdua for putting in my head the “Backstroke”.

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