A Zombie Story: Pushing Through the Madness

This is chapter two of my Zombie Apocalypse story. If you haven’t read the first one, I suggest you do so. This story follows Alistair Valentine, after Jonah leaves him to die. I hope you enjoy reading this, as I have enjoyed writing it! ^_^

Subject:  Alistair Valentine

Location: Classified

Time: 0020

Bio-threat level: 5

That bastard left me to die. I lifted my weapon to fire, as I heard the tram disappear. I didn’t have enough ammo left to fight these things off; my only option was to run. I had no idea where I was because this was a restricted area, and I had never been there before. No one without proper clearance was allowed passed the green zones, and I was well away from my authorized area. I shot my way through the horde and found myself running into a corridor. Every door that I came upon was electronically sealed shut. Behind me I could hear the moans and blood curdling sounds of the undead creeping closer. Something inside me kept telling me to find the security office, and I was always one to trust my instincts.

As the undead came closer, I ran towards the edge of the hallway that split into two corridors. On the wall to my left there was a control panel labeled in red “Emergency Seal.” In case of any kind of attack or biological threat, each sector was able to seal itself off. Why the inhabitants of this sector didn’t deploy the seal, was beyond me. Without hesitating, I activated the seal, and a steel wall dropped from the ceiling. It gave me enough time to get away.

Reaching for my chest rig, I pulled my Kabar bayonet out of its sheath and attached it to my rifle. On my left leg was a Springfield XD in its holster, with a lanyard that hooked onto to the butt of the weapon and connected to my hip. Both magazines were at full capacity. From that point on I had to use melee weapons to conserve ammunition.  I did to my XD the same that I did to my rifle, attaching a small three and a half inch knife to the underside of the using the modified rail system. I locked the blade in place.

It felt as if I were walking around in circles. Each corridor I went down looked just like the previous one. Luckily, I was able to locate a computer terminal. Accessing the main directory, I saw that I wasn’t too far from the security office, and from there I could access the facilities life sign sensory program, and maybe, just maybe I could find someone still alive to help me out of there.

My rifle was running low on ammunition, I had to find something else to use as a weapon; using bullets would be my last course of action. Needing a substantial edged weapon, I found a fire hose box with an axe in it. I knew I’d need that eventually. I continued to run through the corridors, cutting left and right turns. Surprisingly, I didn’t encounter any more of those things.

Finally, after a while of running, I made it to the office, as I predicted, it was locked. Using the axe, I broke the control console on the wall. Then I began splicing wires, and rerouting power to the main breaker to short out the locks. It was a tedious process, but I didn’t have a clearance card to open the damn door! A jolt of electricity shocked my fingertips, and with that the doors slid open. Once inside I made my way to the computer terminal and accessed the life sign program.

The program began to scan the entire grid. A green dot began to blink, and on the screen my picture and name flashed. As the computer began to scan, it moved to the floors below me, and several green dots began to blink across the screen. After running a biohazard scan, I saw that some sectors below me were covered in red dots. Taking notice of the closest green dot, I moved the cursor over the flashing dot, and pulled up the bio-file. The green dot was no longer just a blip on the screen, but a person; it was Dr. Anatoly Asimov. The file said he was a scientist at the facility, and I had never seen or heard of him before. He was a few floors below me, and what I saw on the computer monitor earlier didn’t sit well with me. I patched into the system’s intercom.

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