Staff Meeting – The Piccars.

Good evening boys and girls. As you are aware there was a public BBT meeting not too long ago.
Most of you are NOT aware of the day before. In which it was a STAFF meeting where we ate Chinese and had an awesome time.

Here. Have some pictures after the jump.

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5 Responses to Staff Meeting – The Piccars.

  1. Jarudin says:

    BBQ, bookstore, Chinese food and sleepy pics was before. Sightseeing and awkward pictures of me with a coffee cup was after.

  2. Chiyachan says:

    Yeah, these are split between camera and phone. Seems I used phone to take pictures of staff. Guess it’s cos Awesome Person came at a later time to lend me camera. ;D

  3. dankles says:

    I would have come. You should have IRC’d me!

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