Welcome to 2013!

It feels just like two weeks ago that I was last here. But actually checking the log shows me as totally wrong. Oops.
So much to report and tell you all about!
I can’t remember too many highlights from 2012 but let’s see where to start…..
I’ve managed to hold on to my position at BakaBT without being demoted for quite a while now!
We’ve lost staff and gained staff.
We’ve lost friends and family, but gained new ones!
BakaBT is still growing on a daily basis and we’re still a rare sight with no unseeded torrents.
BBTMeet 2012 was AWESOME and 2013 will be even better… Although harder to organise as it’s unlikely to be in the UK if I’m hosting…. [You’ll have to wait to find out more about this…]

Chiya has made a New Years resolution to be here at least once a week with a new interesting thing to say or do throughout the entire year. So keep tuned as I plan to achieve all my resolutions this year!
What’s everyone else doing for theirs? What would people like to see more of? [Tell me which category on the side you want pumped up with more content]

Lots of love and see you shortly.


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