BakaBT Meet 2013!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Alright, who am I kidding, just guys here as there are no ladies on the internet! How ya’ll doing?

BBT Meet 2012 was absolutely awesome as we got up to some great stuff. Hell, we went to laser quest! (Sure, it was absolutely shit and Der_Richter was like an invincible Terminator) but still, we were all friends and it went super duper.

Thus, I extend a warm (and slightly damp) hand of friendship in your general direction and invite you to attend BBT Meet 2013!

As of yet I am unable to confirm what time or location it will be but consider it being around the month of September in the country of the cold… Narwhal! (AKA: Norway).

Kind regards and plenty of love (Just not for you commoners),


PS: Everyone is invited but you’ll have to arrange your own travel and accommodation. I’ll be able to assist closer to the time.

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