Clocks and time flying by.

Good evening everyone, Chiyachan signing in. [Late as always but it’s not my fault!]
So then, Bioshock Infinite is now out and those lucky people who pre-ordered got a bunch of free games to go along with it. Along with DOTA-2, my spare time is non-existent.
I’m also working on a plan to move abroad on a permanent basis so I’ve got to stress around and try not to cripple myself with worries!

Let’s read on!

Anyway, what shall we talk about today then? As mentioned in the topic, the clocks changed earlier today. We went an hour forward and cranky Chiya lost an hour of sleep. That being said, Newy was happy about the clock change as he managed to last an hour and 2 minutes in the sack… If ya know what I mean. -wink, wink, nudge, nudge- What a stallion!

I swear that I never mean to leave it more than a week between posts here but time just races away and before I know it, it’s over two weeks later. I think I’m going to have to add a reminder on my phone to get me here posting more often.

As there’s only a few more hours before April 1st, 2013 perhaps I had better make some comedies available for free-leech.

Kenpuu Denki Berserk

When They Cry – Higurashi

A Time To Screw

Bible Black

Hainuwele Shuukaku no Yoru


Death Note

ef – a tale of memories

And the bonus for this month is….
Click me for the bonus torrent!

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