Want to make a difference?

Good afternoon everyone, Chiya signing on.
It’s a strange experience for me here as I’m actually writing this post almost a week in advance of it being posted. After having spoken to Duki we decided to leave this post pending a while so that it wasn’t thought of an April Fools joke.

You know the drill, read on.

Welcome back! So, how do you feel about making a difference? I understand that there’s Children in Need and Red Nose Day and a whole host of other charities that you may already donate to. Then again, perhaps you don’t. I’m not one to judge.
I personally refuse to donate to such things due to the stupid amount of money getting diverted to line pockets of middlemen and country leaders. [Personal opinion]
Recently, I came across a website which can REALLY make a difference. Better yet, it makes a difference to the people that are important to the future of our planet as they’re actively trying to improve their lives and not be filthy leechers. You could say that they’re genuine seeders but with poor internet and in need of support.

Right, so the purpose of this post is to persuade you to go to Kiva and potentially donate some money.
In short, they enable other companies to give micro-loans to people in poorer circumstances than yourself.
As it’s a loan, you also get your money back periodically over time. Although as with anything else, if the borrower doesn’t repay, you wouldn’t get your money back.
But I’d ask you to consider it a donation. Put your money into the site and KEEP it there. It doesn’t have to be that much you put in as anything helps. If you’re not able to do the full $25 alone then message me and we can come to an arrangement to group some money together with others.

Duki has kindly agreed that BBT will give a few perks for people who decide to take part. Once you’ve given me confirmation that you’ve entered money into the system, preferably by screenshot, then you will receive rewards.
Please note that this is NOT a way to boost your ratio, think of instead that it’s a way to boost your karma. The perks will not be related to tracker gains of bonus upload or points etc, but will be e-peen related. You may receive things such as tracker/forum titles, badges and other fun and interesting things which make you better than people who are not taking part.

Thanks for reading and considering it. If you have any questions then just leave em down in the comments.

Kind regards,


Here’s a video which clearly and easily explains what Kiva does:

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7 Responses to Want to make a difference?

  1. Belove says:

    I wholeheartedly agree!

    It is not the ONLY way to do good works that is worthwhile, but it is one of the best. And since your are practically direct-lending to the poorest in the world, it helps get over the personal budget hump, when you think “but I already can’t afford food” (If you’re in my position), etc. Well, I am FILTHY RICH in comparison, and I can change the friggin world. Eventually, I will most likely get repaid, and so I can keep changing the world with the same small investment. I try to add fresh money every few months while I can until the money coming back enables me to make regular loans on it’s own. Then I can focus new money donations on other projects.

    Great idea.

  2. Hellfire says:

    It is very interesting, and I like the notion of giving an award to promote it. maybe I’ll sign up too

  3. Hellfire says:

    Sry for the double post, but I’d recommend to maybe forward this to the main page, since I believe that a lot of people don’t even know about the blog^^

  4. Schiejeve says:

    I’ve heard about this kind of companies a few yeas back.
    Never took a closer look, shame on me.
    Anyway I’ve tought about it and I can collide with your thoughts on money wasted through the middlemen.
    This is clearly a better way to help out people that can make something out of it, get the opportunity to change their chance in life.
    A few friends have small debts with me and I’ve been considering that this would be the right place and time to donate.
    Offcourse will I be participating.
    I’ll be posting my results after I made a few house calls, mostlikely within three days.
    ….and Chiyachan, I’m not in it for the bp or whatever.


  5. brownjason says:

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  6. Schiejeve says:

    Hello, to all.
    It took me a bit more time than expected but finally it came around.
    I had the liberty to discusse this topic with some friends and….
    some made a personal loan, others combined, it was my time worthy.

    Thanks for posting this topic Chiyachan.

    Although you may consider putting it on the main page(news) once a year.
    Don’t think it would be harmfull.

  7. Schiejeve says:

    Hello Chiyachan,
    Could you tell me if there is a ‘Bakabt’ team present on Kiva?
    If not would it be a problem to activate one on behalf of Bakabt?
    I now use my country as team but it would be nice to have one from here.
    Thanks for your time.

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