Hush now! >_>

Alright, so my commitment I made last month failed epically. I can explain!
I’m moving country in the next few months as a permanent thing. As I need more money than I currently have and due to have I’ve been ignoring most of my responsibilities and playing DOTA 2 instead.

Anyway, the last set of free-leech torrents are back to normal and I’m soon going to pick another set.

Datora on the forum asked for a few things from me so I will -attempt- to please him as he seems to be one of the few readers here left. 🙁

Reason as to why these following torrents were chosen:
RANDOM BUTTON! HELL YEAH! That’s the best thing I ever contributed to BakaBT. Fo sho’.

As I’m a screw up and can’t keep to commitments, I’ll also double the amount of torrents being free-leech-ed.

Kawaii Ano Ko | That One Cute Kid

Sexless Friend

Makunouchi Deluxe


The Dagger of Kamui


Idol Boueitai Hummingbird

7 Billion Needles


Mugen no Juunin

Now then, these were random-ed several times as Datora asked for all grouped torrents to be free-leech-ed and I thought that was a good idea. Unfortunately I’m quite lazy and there’s no easy way to do that and it would have to be done manually. I could have Newy do it but he’s lazier than me and he’s supposed to be the whipped one. =(

There is a time-frame for these being available and that’s when I remember to come by and undo the free-leech later.

Finally, there will soon be a topic on the forums in which I’d like you all to go post. What you’d like to see more of and less of on the blog to make it more popular and worth a read.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love,


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