Regular random freeleech!

A long time ago I decided to have an update every-so-often in which I suggested things to download.
Several years on I have become much lazier and have decided on some torrents to set as freeleech by usage of the “Random” button. [Which was an AMAZING idea and props to whomever suggested it… Thanks Chiya!]

So, the freeleech items for the moment are..

It’d be awesome if someone would give me their feedback on what these are like and perhaps what they’d like to see set as freeleech in the future.

Also, what sort of competitions or posts would people like to see more of?

Kind regards,


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2 Responses to Regular random freeleech!

  1. Nexemix says:

    Dr Slump is awesome; After watching the fourth movie i had to watch the other ones again. Today was a great and I had fun watching Slump and Leda again, thank you. I like the idea of the “Random” button and you shouldn’t deviate from that. I gave up on Pokemon after the Johto saga
    so i can really talk about it. Astarotte was something I watched as it came out but i wouldnt recommend it unless you are into Harems regardless of plot. Ponyo is just awesome and me and my sister love it. As for bakemonogatari, I didn’t really like this OST but that’s just my personal opinion. The “Random” button idea is awesome and you should deviate for that. You could make it theme wise if you want less randomness. You could say, ” This time is Random comedy freelech” in which you randomly select manga, movies, series, and ost that follows that theme. I also think you shouldn’t increase the amount of items and just leave it at six selections.

    As for competitions, I would like to see the Second Bakabt Idol contest . It was 4 years ago since the first one was held but i would like to see it happen again . I don’t really know the amount of work it took or how messy it was, and probably only you are the only one that knows since you were the one who organized the whole thing (if i remember correctly), but i think it would be awesome to hear what singers Bakabt has.

  2. jumpsuitbad says:

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