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[17:23] <MarchHare> southrop [17:23] <MarchHare> what anime is that in your avatar [17:23] * MarchHare hides [17:24] <@Southrop> D:

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I’ve been hiding out

Soooo, regardless if you guys remember me or not, I’m going to make a post so you all don’t think I disappeared on you. Life has been, in a word, hectic. Last quarter was pretty stressful. Got in all of … Continue reading

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Do you want to save before you quit?

[Dorama] Waaahhhhh. What a dramatic month this has been. Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying the new site (although little has changed apart from the array of errors that many of you have encountered). We hope to be resuming normal … Continue reading

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the blog and chiya being lazy

as you can probably tell, its the first of the new month, and yet the updated blog isn’t here. here’s what happened: [15:17] <%MarchHare> blog? [15:18] <%Chiyachan> aye [15:18] <%Chiyachan> I got it all written. But too tired to post … Continue reading

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Look + Feel

It’s almost one in the morning, so I decided to post something for a change. As many of you know, we do have a wiki and an FAQ to handle many of the questions that our users have as well … Continue reading

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