I’ve been hiding out

Soooo, regardless if you guys remember me or not, I’m going to make a post so you all don’t think I disappeared on you.

Life has been, in a word, hectic. Last quarter was pretty stressful. Got in all of my classes except for anatomy *shakes fist*

Spring break was last week. Didn’t really get to do anything except go home to visit my parents and some old friends. Almost went to *undisclosed city* to visit Malus, but, alas, I didn’t have the time or money to do so. Sorry Malus, I still love you ;_;

For all of those who are wondering, I don’t intend to return to the bakabt staff. Life is busy enough as it is, so I simply don’t have the time to keep you guys from trolling each other to oblivion. tl;dr version: life is calling

Anyways, my next class is starting. So I’m glad I had this opportunity to tell you how I’m doing.

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